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Google photos now also asks if you want to delete your backup copies

Google photos is an essential service for those who we want to keep located and stored in the cloud, both our phone our images to see them in every possible device. Although the backup often leads us to some confusion, since they are not seldom that we do not know if we are deleting an image of our phone and if at the same time we are doing the backup. A new update works to reduce this confusion in the handling of photos.

When we use Google photos we have the opportunity to create an automatic backup of your images, which we have stored in our phone, in any folder. This process is done automatically, and often leads to confusion, not being insurance if when we delete images only of our phone or also we are making Google’s cloud-based backup. Now Google photos version 1.23 tries to make things easier to us.

google fotos

Google photos, would like to delete your backup?

This new version of the application asks us if we also delete the backup copy of a photo when you click to delete it. In this way because we can choose whether to delete an image we want to do it also in his backup, thus gaining greater control over what we want to store the backup, and above all reducing the possibility of that mistake when wanting to delete an image of internal storage and not do it the backup which is one of the things that more confused on the use of Google photos.

google fotos copia de seguridad

As you can see in the image, to delete a photo the phone asks if you want to delete from Google pictures also. Best of all is that to ask us we can choose what we retain or not in the automatic backup in the cloud and not delete any accidental form of these photos. Google photos does well to grow in this direction, since the management of the backup is sometimes one of the most confusing issues of the application. The rest of the new features of this update are not too transcendent, leaving this option of the backup as their new star.

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