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Google Music playback on the computer control from the mobile

Music streaming services have become an essential applications in our mobile. Listen music from our device mobile is one of them uses principal for many users, but occasionally us like also enjoy of she in others devices that us caught a little retired in house, and that enjoy of a set of speakers more powerful that them of our phone. By that in a moment given if us want enjoy of music in the PC and are subscribed or have music stored in Google Music are going to to get you much party to this application.

Google Music allows us both enjoy the music through a monthly subscription or by uploading music to an account. We now explain how we can control the playback on a PC from the mobile phone.

Controls the reproduction of Google Music on a PC from the mobile

To many us has last that have the PC connected to a good team of music, and as is logical it take to reproduce it with more power and volume. If what we are playing from your PC belongs to some kind of streaming service, we will be closer to the computer continuously control the playback in order to play this song that we want or to queue an entire playlist.

Google Play remoto

As well, with this application we can do all that from anywhere in the House and with the mobile. This application is Remote for GPMDP, and is a remote control for the implementation of Google music. Thanks to her we can play a song, a playlist and navigate the content of our account Google Music almost as if it were the official application. In fact its appearance and interface is very similar to the application of Mountain View.

Google Play remoto

Connection is made via Wifi, because when you run Remote for GPMDP the PC of our select the IP address of the network where at that moment that Google Music is running. As we say the use of the remote application is the same of any other application for music streaming, so we will not notice the difference practically. Already you can download it and control the music from your account Google Music on any PC.

WP-Appbox: Remote for GPMDP (free, Google Play) →

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