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Google Maps will include limits of speed and possibility of making orders online

The next versions of Google Maps any more than interesting, according to the latest discoveries made in the source code for the latest Beta version of the application. One of those new functions that would be coming will be a speed meter in real time, as well as warnings when it comes to exceed speed limits of each stretch of road by which we move. However, it will not be the only big news since also have found evidence that Google intends to add the possibility of ordering orders food from Maps.

Google Maps is one of those applications in continuous development which adds more and more features. Thus we have seen it over the years with tools such as traffic density, the timetable and frequency of public transport, biking… but not only services. We have also been able to attend the app improvements and one of the last was the possibility to download maps for Google Maps in offline mode. The evolution of such complete application continues and the big G takes first his ideas to test versions of.

Information through the latest Beta of Maps

Is in the last version of test, the Beta 9.35 released along the day of yesterday, which us offers a series of tracks of them services, functions, tools and news in general that, at least, Google has intention of try. This information has been extracted by the experts in software of Android Police, which analyzing the code of the last Beta of Google Maps have made discoveries more than interesting.Trayectos a pie y en coche en Google Maps

While not is possible specify when is apply in versions official, if is that arrive to establish is finally, a first evidence of news in Google Maps comes with the limits of speed. Apparently, the made of that is an of the functions more chosen by them users makes much more likely that is an of the functions incorporated in the next version of Google Maps.Limite velocidad Google maps

Limits of speed and warnings

Thus, as is shows in an of the catches, Google Maps would be able of offer information in time real on the speed to which circulate. Not only that, but that the app would report us if we exceed the speed limit on the stretch of road that at that precise moment we move.Advertencia de velocidad máxima en Google Maps

Another discovered in Google Maps Beta feature would be the possibility of ordering from your own Google Maps application. Thus suggests it some of the lines of code that refers to the buying process. There are no details about what type of shopping is concerned, but everything should be pointed out that there might be order of fast food and restaurants.

Perhaps less interesting to some, but important for others, is the fact that Google Maps will allow position and find a place using coordinates. In fact, the latest Beta allows you to do a reading of the coordinates of a point on the map by clicking on it and then drag the Locator to the toolbar. Data referred to the place are automatically copied to the Clipboard, ready to be shared.Coordenadas en Google Maps

Google Maps of orders

Other innovations detected in the Beta are the possibility to continue with a walking route, after leaving the car, as usual we when we parked in a parking lot. An option now appears to indicate to Google Maps since that point we continue with the path walk, so that sets the fastest direction again, walk, without being necessary to perform the request. Also, as you can see in some of the images, similarly Maps us will monitor in real time informing us about the time spent on the road or if we delay.

As we have already indicated, some of the functions described are already in the Beta of Google Maps. In terms of the forecast arrival of the rest, such as the limits of speed and online ordering, for the moment we have no certainty of when the Internet giant could address this improvement with future updates.

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You can download the latest Beta of Google Maps from APKMirror.

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