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Google Maps for iOS now allows you to configure multiple destinations

Lovers of the routes that are in Google Maps one of their reference applications, we have great news for you (especially if your everyday smartphone is an iPhone). One of the functions more demands of the mobile app was the inclusion of multiple destinations as it happens in the web version. Now, after landing on Android a few weeks ago, Google Maps for iOS already allows to configure multiple destinations.

Recently posted in Android, the function now allows users of Apple mobile devices introduce numerous destinations for a single journey. Need to stop by a supermarket before arriving to your apartment of vacation? You must refuel at Midway and want to know the times of travel “to imply”? Today finally Google Maps for iOS allows to configure your routes by adding as many points of destination as you wish.

In this way you can plan your trips more accurately, adding, editing, or removed various stops on a route previously to get behind the wheel. If want to change the position of an of them locations marked as points of destination, simply must perform a press long on it for drag it and change the order. Then click on “Fact” and enters the mode of navigation with total normality to follow set route.

multiples destinos google maps

Multiple options

The new feature that allows you to configure multiple destinations in Google Maps for iOS is not only limited to the trip by car, already that from within the application can configure different stops on your journey even if you go by bike or take a walk.

Last month, Google released an update of its maps for mobile which has a cleaner look, “areas of interest”, and a renewed color scheme intended to help people navigate the world with less distractions.

It giant of them searches also improved the typography of the name of them streets, them points of interest, and the stations of refuelling, making them more distinguishable of others elements that can appear in the map.

Because you can download the application from the App Store for free or update if you already have it installed. This update also includes different error correction.

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