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Google Maps Adds lists custom and commands of voice to avoid tolls

The tools of navigation and maps more famous of the world is has returned to update to bring us more news with which improve our experience while drive among other things. Starring these voice commands, that in this new version will allow us to avoid tolls and certain roads, although there are many more new features than then let’s review and affecting other areas of the application of Google.

The new update of the beta of Google Maps us reveals some features very interesting, that have that see with the navigation in time real, but also with others aspects previous of planning of our trips or places to which want to go.

News of the beta of Google Maps

Between these news highlights certainly them commands of voice, with that starting from now are going to to ask to Google that avoid roads of toll, avoid also motorways, or that also leave of side them ferry. Of this form with ask is it of living voice to Google Maps can avoid these circumstances of the journey. But there are more, because also is has added a new option while sailed called “traffic near” what we will allow know only them incidents of traffic of them places more near and that us surround in each moment.

Google Maps trafico cercano

Another new important has that view with the lists custom of places. A kind of “playlist” of favorite locations which can be divided into different purposes. Some of them are favorite, I want to go and the star. This us will allow create a list of places of interest that subsequently well could convert is in a route perfect for do in car with them indications of Google Maps, something that certainly increases the possibilities of customization of the experience and improves the information around our route.

Google Maps listas personalizadas

With these changes Google Maps continues offering new forms of customize the experience of maps and navigation, an experience that has changed by full the form in that use the navigation in the car bike and even walk. Of time these news of Google Maps are present in the beta, and as is logical until past some weeks not them will see get to the version end, mostly them lists custom, that will take even more in get that the rest of them news. You can then download the APK from the beta of Google Maps 9.36.0.

Download beta of Google Maps 9.36.0

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