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Google launches Family Library for share purchases made on Google Play between 6 family

Although we had news about the new service earlier this month, it has been today when the big G has officially announced Google Play Family Library. As it was already ahead, this new service will allow a maximum of six users share all the purchases made on Google Play, be they applications, video games, books, series or films. More details of the service below.

As happened previously with other services like Google Play Music and family plans, the search engine will move the idea to all its contents platform, so that up to six people to enjoy the content purchased on Google Play. Thus the technology not only provides access to the content, but rather raw material so that it is acquired.Apartado Famiy Library en Google Play Movies

Google Announces new categories for shop Play Store

Comes Family Library

In addition to the new categories for Google Play announced this morning, the multinational U.S. sets in motion a plan that was unveiled earlier this month. It’s Google Play Family Library, a tool that proposes a section in the large G content platform from which a family of up to six members can share all purchases made in the Android store. Of this mode, the six users registered with has in Google will have access to a section Family Library from which enjoy of applications of payment, video games and others contained multimedia acquired by some of them others users.Interfaz de Google Play Family Library

Punto de activate is Google Play Family Library, apps shared between 6 people


Google Play Family Library will allow each Member to share content selectively. Each one can choose what apps and multimedia to be added to Family Library just to mark the selector that appears on the installation screen, as you can see in the image.

Similarly, purchases made on Google Play will have associated a master credit card, although each Member will be able to choose its own method of payment, either card or PayPal. In this respect it should be noted that there will be a parental control that will grant the possibility to confirm each purchase made on Google Play to the administrator of the master card. Effectively above all to control the smaller House.

For the moment, Google Play Family Library will be activated in the next few days in regions such as Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States Yes, Spain does not fit between the countries that will be available, but we hope that the company extending the service to more European countries soon.

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