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Google is preparing to buy Twitter, they claim from CNBC

As reported by CNBC, in Silicon Valley are moving gears for the next big operation that would wrap some of the Internet giant to buy Twitter, and names more sounds to finish the operation would be Google and

At the moment are only rumours of market, but the reaction of the stock market before the announcement was instant, with a high of Twitter actions that have climbed several integers after the announcement of the CNBC which you can see here.

According to sources of the American chain, the social network of the Blue Bird would have already begun discussions with some potential buyers such as Google or Salesforce, as well as other technology companies that are not given names, which are also interested in buying Twitter.

App de Twitter para smartphones

Seems that Jack Dorsey, creator of the company that left the position of CEO to return to rescue her after – as so many other cases of Silicon Valley-, would be preparing what already is was commenting on time with a company that remained (and remains) without a business model but could become a very powerful tool for almost any company, regardless of its losses.

Google or Salesforce who is likely to buy Twitter at the end?

According to CNBC would now be in a process of study, but of the two, which most has been eager to buy Twitter is, on the other hand,, and one of its top executives said this:

Why @twitter?

1 personal learning network
2 the best realtime, context rich news
3 democratize intelligence
4 great place to promote others

-Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar) September 23, 2016

Values that Google are clear or this company looks to venture to buy Twitter, mostly related to the power of the social network of the RT connect immediately with people. In addition, we must remember that before you think of buying Twitter, Salesforce attempted to do with LinkedIn. This, finally, would be acquired by Microsoft, which makes it more likely that Salesforce sell face its position against Google if at the end there is a bout of offers.

Is shoot them shares in bag after the rumor’s that want to buy Twitter

How we say, the leap from the actions of Twitter only with this rumor of market has been most significant to that at other times, it seems that investors give enough credit to everything which is commenting on the operation, which could be one of which mark the year and in 2015 did, for example, the purchase of WhatsApp for Facebook.

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