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Google / Huawei Pixel 7: persistent rumors about the tablet for the next day 4 of October

Although we have not yet seen the device in any filtered photo, just like it happened with smartphones that prepares Google, rumors regarding the launch of a 7-inch tablet manufactured by Huawei for powerful the search engine company still very much present as we get closer to October 4. In this case are completed some specs already Evan Blass (@evleaks) provided long ago.

The fact that we have not seen blurry photographs of the alleged Pixel 7 (or 7 p or whatever he is finally called) does not mean it’s not a real device or it will not appear in the Google event, for which it is already just a week and a day. Indeed, if we take into account that nothing knew of the Pixel in the last course until the model was made official, it seems likely that the now rumored tablet make an appearance soon, and thus an end to the speculations.

Yes, there is Nexus tablet (or Pixel) this year, and will have the invoice from Huawei

7 pixel: one more turn on their technical specifications

In this case, is the half Tablet-News which is makes echo of a review about the sheet of specifications of this terminal signed by Google, although manufactured by Huawei. You would a team of range top with which the company of the search engine seems to crave a return to the essence of the Nexus 7 (2012-2013) that such a good taste in your mouth left between lovers format users.

Huawei nexus 6p negro

This Pixel 7 would come equipped with a 7 inch screen and Quad HD resolution (we do not believe that Full HD, keep though if a device designed for games, also it would be nice choose to do so), a Snapdragon 820, 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage, USB port type C and, as no, Android Nougat. In addition is speaks of a reader of fingerprints.

Above all, caution. Smartphones are only confirmed

Is complicated not have in has what says Evan Blass, after this journalist has shown that their sources are accurate after a long history of successes. However, and although we love the idea, nor find the sense of a 7-inch tablet at a time in which Andromeda and unifying mobile / desktop seems to have become the great yearning for Google. Given which, would make more sense enough equipment such as the C Pixel or the Chromebook convertible.

Google test Andromeda in Nexus 9. The merger between Android and Chrome OS points to October 4

We know certainly is that there will be new smartphones, which we have already seen images of all kinds and perhaps a new operating system, which would be implemented in 2017. The Pixel 7 would be a magnificent Cherry to the cake.

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