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Google goes for SoundCloud: rumours of buying $ 500 million

According to the German press, Google has in the crosshairs SoundCloud. Of Mountain View could be willing to spend the approximately $ 500 million, new figure downward where the operation is tasaría. And is that the company already tried to sell to Spotify by 1,000 million its platform musical makes half year. With regard to the interest of Google by SoundCloud, well could be to complement its service of music in line, Play Music, although also is speculates that it would do by the talent of which overflows the company.

The platforms of music in streaming are on rise. After a period convulsed, started with greater force by Spotify, and without had consensus of how this new mode of consume content multimedia could impose is above the interests of it industry musical, the arrival of Google and Apple with their own alternative-Google Play Music and Apple Music-seems have given wings to the new model of business. Hence, the competition is maximum between the three colossi.

Interest in purchase of Google by SoundCloud

Improves of the catalogue of music previous agreements with the record labels, content exclusive, plans of prices each time more affordable… The war between the Titans of the music via streaming is in full swing. Spotify is on the cusp, but the potential and resources of the two technological weapons are to take into account. In fact, Google may take a party of a new maneuver in the business with the purchase of SoundCloud.

So say it in a medium German where priced $ 500 million operation. A figure that invites to think that the operation is feasible since the summer last Spotify declined acquire such platform of music by them 1,000 million that requested by then them leaders of the firm German. And it is that SoundCloud needs ever more urgently a viable business model that exploit the potential customer base, priced at about 175 million users.


And what can see of greedy Google on SoundCloud? That is a question complex since the search engine already has of its own platform of music in line with system of subscription premium. However, the big G can see a new mode to further exploit its music service in streaming on SoundCloud. Besides by the huge community of users that kneads the company, we have to remember that its success relies on the ability to distribute and promote musical projects.

In the same way, and given the trajectory of Google acquisitions, Americans well could simply on SoundCloud a great potential to develop new projects. New resources to keep innovating and positioning itself in various technological sectors in which it has influence.

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