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Google confirms that all the Chromebook of 2017 will run apps Android

To the Chromebook much remains them to be done in order to become a product of reference in the Spanish market; and is that Google has shown that United States is their enclave priority and, sometimes, to exclusive. For now, Chrome OS is a system booming in the North American country, especially in the field of education. With access to the Android applications, however, the platform wins many integers.

The fact that still have not had signs of the Pixel by Spain, when Snapdragon 835 terminals are on the verge of candy, says enough priority for Google. Our colleagues from MovilZona, precisely, have published an analysis of device alluding to that topic and that its appeal is thus quite diminished. Of any form, for the public geek, it not marketing in Spain sometimes is even an incentive, and them Chromebook appear as a real treasure for early adopters.

Chrome OS empowers you to adding Android

In the past 2016 March, Google announced that some terminals with Chrome OS would begin to be compatible with the Android applications, and several models have already shown that quality since then. The last one came in two variants: Samsung Plus Chromebook and Chromebook Pro Samsung. Both teams saw the light in the CES past and are authentic off-roader, not excessive price and spectacular performances that blend desktop and mobile.

Indeed, both terminals of the signature South Korean us make doubt of if with them manufacturers attacking that line and diversifying models and formats, not would have more sense that the tablets in the platform of Google used Chrome you and is developed, more or less, in what now are them 2 in 1 with Windows 10 that so much attention are getting attract.

The Chromebook, always with Android starting from now

He half Android Police has repaired in a update within the web of support technical of Chrome I in which is specifies that all them Chromebook that arrive in 2017 will give always support to the applications of Android. It is not be a surprise, precisely, but have the confirmation is good to not rely on more searches or concrete specifications of each model.

Chrome OS tienda de aplicaaciones Android

This circumstance, in addition, puts into question the premiere of Andromeda system at least in the short term and can mark the evolution of the Android tablet format. No powerful manufacturer has released high range during the past CES Tablet and the panorama does not paint much more encouraging in the coming months. We are waiting for some event that guide us in the footsteps of the segment.

The article Google confirms that all the Chromebook 2017 will run applications Android was published in TabletZona.

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