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Google cancels Project Ara would encourage other manufacturers to revive it?

The mobile modular were called to be the new great evolution of mobile telephony, a type of smartphones that would enable us to change at any time several of its components to adapt to every situation. A kind of Lego phone that would offer some amazing customization options. Now we have known that the Mountain View have decided to cancel this promising project, which would have in the coming months its climax. We will see all the details, because it can be that it is not the definitive end of modular phones.

In the past Google I/O the Mountain View were encouraged to teach us what would be their phone modular, after several years in which the project had been losing strength check that Google was then more determined than ever to the launch of these amazing mobile Project Ara.

  • Google teaches the prototypes of their modular smartphones that will arrive next year

Goodbye to Project Ara

Well, after promising us that at the end of this year already would be in testing these new mobile modular and the final version is comercializar√≠a in the next year 2017, Google has decided to shelve this project give and cancel it permanently. We don’t know if the cold reception of modular terminals as the G5 LG has had something to do with this decision, but certainly surprising to friends and strangers when the firm was so excited in the past Google I/O.


Final cancellation or change of course?

Seems Google at the moment decision the freeze the development of Project Ara, which is a cancellation, but the same information that ensure the cessation of the project opens the door to its continuity in a different way. Another possibility that is also shuffles is Project Ara is licensed to other manufacturers to make them from launching their own terminals based on this technology, which promised by Google should already be very advanced and near its commercialization.

apertura project ara

If so could still be a possibility of Project Ara materializes in a different way. In fact the same sources suggest that Google once you have cancelled the project would pose is not “throw it” completely away. This means that in the future we may see these modular terminals in the same way that conceived them Google under other manufacturer. It will have to be very attentive to the coming weeks and October 4, when that would come the new terminal of the Mountain View for more details of this stunning turn in the future of Project Ara.

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