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Google Announces new categories for shop Play Store

The organization is a key element in the app store, since if this is adequate, find what you are looking for is something that is not particularly complex. Here play a role key them categories, since thanks to them is possible filter of form quickly to find what is need. As well, Google has just announce important changes in this regard in its store Play Store Android.

The case is that on the page for Google developers have been announced which will be new categories for Play Store, coming to join the existing ones, and some of which were present also, changed its name to clarify more what is inside. By the way, that the changes that have been confirmed by Mountain View are not yet available for end users (even if the developers that can access them), something that will occur in a maximum of 60 days.

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The case is that searches for Android applications will be optimized by what has become known, something that now is not particularly complex if he is valued only a year ago was like the Google store . But, it true, is that always is can improve in this paragraph, that affects of form clear in the experience of use at the time of get content for those terminals Android.

The new categories of Play Store

Will be the list of new categories, you eat has enough sense all them and are quite clear at the time of knowing what is located in each an of them, is the following:

  • Art and design
  • Automotive and vehicles
  • Beauty
  • Dating
  • Food and drink
  • Events
  • Home and housing
  • Parents

Google Play Store se actualiza en Android.

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As we have indicated, there are some already existing categories in Play Store, changing its name , to make their use more clear enough. To start Multimedia and video happens to be called players and publishers of video and, in the case of transport, will be called maps and navigation. A few logical changes in our view, do you think?

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