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Google Allo reappears in Play Store bringing its official launch

In the Google I/o of mayo’s this year, Google surprised to own and strange with the presentation of two new applications of communication: Google Allo and Google Duo. The last of these two applications already was launched at the beginning of this month, and after only a week was downloaded more than 5 million of users. Now it is Google Allo who starts to peek through the horizon.

When these two applications were unveiled for the first time at the Google Conference ensured that both apps would be released in the summer and would work together. With Duo already in the markets of applications, Google Allo could be very near being released officially.

And it is that Google Allo has been present in Play Store for some time, but users have only been able to access the application of instant messaging through a direct search or through your respective URL. However now Google Allo already appears on the tab of recent updates to the Google apps market, being the first time that the application is visible in the Play Store without having to do a specific search.

This not suggests another thing rather than the application could be released in the coming days or even hours.

google allo

What brings Google Allo?

While Google Duo focuses on video chat, Allo focuses on text messaging pure and hard, trying to modernize a concept than an application as WhatsApp, main rival of the application of Google, has spent years exploiting with great success.

It service is linked directly to the number of phone of them users, and although comes equipped with a great amount of features, the more remarkable is the presence of Google Assistant, the new Assistant of the company of telecommunications that will help to them users in the day to day and in their conversations of chat. In fact this Assistant has the purpose of interact with other applications.

While there is still not an exact release date, the fact that Google Allo already appears in the recent Play Store updates section suggests that his appearance will take place sooner than expected. Available once only time will tell if it will be able to unseat WhatsApp as the most widely used iOS and Android instant messaging application.

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