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Gmail not works and this time not is fault of any attack DDoS

A couple of days ago Internet suffered its most serious attack of history, collapsing many pages and online services such as Twitter, Spotify or Netflix among many others. Now, during the afternoon many users found that Gmail does not work correctly, which initially has made alarm bells ringing about a new attack.

Apparently the mobile application does not operate normally, although the desktop service presents a normal state. If you are one of these users do not enter panic since Google has announced that Gmail does not work correctly.

If access to the page of support of Google, is warns that Gmail is going through by different problems, thus it announces the company through the web site:

“We are investigating reports that indicate a problem with Gmail.” Soon, we will offer more information in this regard”

problemas gmail

Problems with Gmail that inform users go through the impossibility of receiving emails in the last 5 hours up to inability to access mails from mobile. Personally, we have to say that, for the moment, we could use service mail without problems, although we do not allow cross fingers.

Gmail problems in Spain

Hours after the publication of the message in the center of support of Google, still does not solve the problem and as you can notice in the image that we stayed under these lines, affects nearly all of the Iberian Peninsula, where there is a temporary interruption of service.

mapa gmail

By the time not know as time will pass through problems Gmail, the only news that have to the respect all them users of the mail electronic of Google is that in just 20 minutes them responsible of the service launched a new connected in which expect know when will be solved the problem.

“We continue trying to this problem.” “We will provide an update (s) 25/10/16 18:20 approximately, on which will be presented when hope to have solved the problem.”

Are you experiencing problems with Gmail?

The Gmail article fails and this time is not because of any attack DDoS was published in MovilZona.

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