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Gleam: Returns light to Earth thanks to physics & puzzle

In other occasions you have spoken of games of intelligence that gradually are getting a greater host between a public that traditionally is has decanted by the titles of action, role and strategy. However, and as we have seen, there is some saturation in the catalogs of apps that could be extended to almost all areas and requiring new formulas to create different elements that can capture a few users who are no longer a homogenous mass.

In the case of the first, change happens not only because of the mixture of genres, but it also added some aspects of areas such as physics to produce works like Gleam, which you then have their salient features and intends to be the spearhead of a new story line that connects the development of creativity with science fiction.


The Sun has lost much of its luster, and the Earth is cooling rapidly with the risk of extinguishing all life on it. Using the laws of physics, our objective is to capture the few rays that reach out and join puzzles intricate keeping heat inside the planet for. This not will be task easy, because them scenarios will be changing and increasing its difficulty thanks to the inclusion of factors as the gravity or them obstacles.

gleam pantalla


One of the elements Gleam developers use to position it, is his music. In a world dark without great fanfare as regards effects graphics, will have the possibility of play in more than 40 levels that reproduce different ecosystems that can find in the planet. I mentioned earlier the mix of topics as a lure for new works that, in this case, adds some features of the casual genre.


This title does not have no cost initial. Released ago so only some days, goes to the half million of downloads. You can require integrated shopping that reach the 11 euros per element. Among it more valued by the users, found its atmosphere. However, also has received critical by failure of compatibility in some terminals and some monotony to the overcome the first levels.

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Them new games, as happens with the applications that just of landing in them catalogues, need time to settle is between the public and demonstrate if really offer something attractive and different. Do you think that Gleam could transform the way of solving puzzles and riddles? You have more information about other similar as Cascade so that you can say yourself and more options available.

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