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Get the best photos on your tablet or smartphone with these tricks

More powerful lenses and an unprecedented upsurge of the resolution of devices have managed that tablets and higher smartphones of today have nothing to envy to professional cameras. Currently, is possible create view panoramic or in some cases, even contained in three dimensions through the sensors both front as rear. On the other hand, the incorporation of systems dual and it appearance of crowd of applications that allow the edition of them photos to a level more sophisticated have contributed to transform even more the way that have million of users for capture them best moments of their lives and its particular vision of the reality.

However, not everything can be good news, and sometimes we can find fault in the camera in the used tools that prevent to make sharp photos and persisting elements such as image or saturation of the color among other noises. Here we offer a series of tricks that can be very useful you have or no terminals with high cameras and that they take into account aspects such as ambient light, or the position of the objectives on which we focus images among others.

s125 imagen

1. the flash only in its fair measure

One of them advances that more ratings positive has received by the users of new terminals, is the flash front that are in them. To this must add the incorporation of bulbs LED in as opposed to the previous spotlights and that could cause overheating. While this component is very useful in dark environments, does not always guarantee good catches. To take full advantage of this element, the best is to use it only in small objects or people nearby, always something closed environments where light is not diffused. A panoramic view night of a big city is an example of where there is to use flash.

2. before making a photo, take you your time

In many cases, unexpected events or the appearance of curious items that we let’s the terminals quickly to try to take instant screenshots where at the end, end up being of poor quality. If we want to take a good picture that happens to posterity in social networks, and they arouse the admiration of our followers a very simple trick is the use of all commands available in terminals camera interfaces. In them, can find functions as the timer, the detection facial and even the resolution with which want that count the image.

galaxy note 4 frontal trucos

3. the symmetry as a protagonist

This third tip saves some relationship with the former. In addition to the commands, the time we take to take a picture is essential. In this sense, if we are thinking to portray a landscape, the best is resorting to the rule of thirds. In a mental way, we will divide the environment to capture a series of imaginary in groups of 3 squares. In the intersections between each one of them, will focus them objects more highlights of what want to photograph. To get a better image, to this we can add another concept, the horizontal line. in the center of the panel will return to trace a line from end to end. The more straight is better will come out the image.

4. light within the darkness

The first in this list of tricks is based on flash. In it, you had in what environments can be more useful and in what not. However, this is not the only component that we can use to take screenshots. In case of being in dark environments, if the flash is not very powerful, we can resort to limited natural light. If want to take a photo in something that not possess too much, it more preferred and logical is situate us in a point in which it light existing not is cut e incise all it possible on what want photograph. This will reduce the noise of image and the shadows.

mate 9 sensor

5. Zoom Yes or not?

This feature was an of them first in be incorporated in the tablets and smartphones that use today regardless of its category. However, is an of which more inconvenient presents. He more prominent is the made of that not is about what want to photograph and is portrays with more sharpness, but what is extend are them pixels that make up what is wants to portray, offering as result end, something very fuzzy that is distance much of the reality. In these cases, it is best use of few increases if we have no choice.

As have seen, there are multitude of tricks to remove the maximum party to them cameras of them devices without these have that be necessarily them more pointers of the market. While many of these tips partan of the sense common, it true is that many times the need of taking photos quickly makes that is leave of side all these guidelines. Have available more information similar as for example, a list of actions that can improve the speed of them terminals so can remove them even more advantage.

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