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Get riches, forging a modern Empire and dominate the world tap to Riches

The improvement of the performance of tablets and smartphones has resulted, as you have recalled on other occasions, the emergence of thousands of games that belong to a wide variety of genres that until recently, remained in the background in all these portable devices. Action, strategy, or the role, have given way to others such as sports, adventures, or also, simulation, where we have seen how franchises that had great success in larger brackets, have adapted to the new formats.

The essence of the titles available in this last field, is in the majority of cases the same: the construction of cities and empires of all kinds. However, here we also find a broader offering to impose small variations. This is the case of Taps to Riches, that you now have more and that has won millions of followers all over the world.


On this occasion, we get into the skin of a villain that has remained in the shadows for a long time. Our mission will be to build from scratch a whole system of cities and businesses that will allow us to dominate the world through money. To accomplish this task successfully, we have behind us a whole team of advisers ranging from economic experts, to characters that hold great resemblance to cats but that nonetheless control the business world very well.

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One of the axes of Taps to Riches is an element called Bizbot. With its accumulation, we can get better all buildings in our care and continue to expand our empire. One of the biggest claims of this game is the fact that while closed, continues to generate more resources according to its creators. Elaborate graphics and the existence of unique buildings around the world between the structures that we can build, allow you to create an atmosphere where there is greater freedom of action.


As usual, this work has no initial charge . This, added to your look casual and fun, has resulted that has managed to reach the 10 million users worldwide. However, it has also received criticism for its Purchasing integrated, which can reach the 114 euros per item, or some errors of translation and unexpected loss of items.

WP-Appbox: Taps to Riches (for free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Taps to Riches (for free+, App Store) →

You have available more information on other similar games like Resort Tycoon so that you may know more alternatives at your fingertips.

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