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Get maximum performance when recording 4 K with your Android smartphone

When it comes to video applications and photos of professional quality in Android, there is a shortage and a remarkable breakthrough with the iPhone, one of the mobile devices favored by photographers t professional cameras to create multimedia content. Applications like FiLMiC Pro are one of the tool to favorite iOS for professional-looking video recording. However, there are applications like Cinema 4 K that will allow you to get the maximum performance to 4 K record with your smartphone Android.

This application available in Play Store for Android devices aims to offer the same level of creative freedom that your application for Apple devices. Cinema 4K comes to Android with the promise of allowing control to maximize all options when 4 K record with our smartphone and offering a speed ranging from the 15 Mbps to 200 Mbps.
It also allows to easily block the exposure and focus and has some more interesting options such as the ISO setting to record in unfavorable light conditions, plus the following:
  • Automatic white balance
  • Manual exposure (ISO setting and the exposure time)
  • Increasing the dynamic range
  • Noise reduction settings
  • Grid (rule of thirds)
  • Different aspects of display (16: 9, 1.85: 1, 2: 1, 2.35: 1)

How show everything what can be achieved with 4 K Cinema here provide this video recorded this resolution with a Samsung Galaxy S6.

Click here to see the video

Not suitable for all types of devices

Logically, Cinema 4K is one of those applications that require a series of requirements to run smoothly. D performance that is whyepende of the phone as well as the version of the installed software and other variables. However lfree version of the application’s Cinema 4K serves as a proof that can record 4 K taking full advantage of your device compatible with recording such Android.

Through the free trial you can record up to a minute of video and see if the application works without any errors on your Android smartphone. In addition, it will allow set up all the controls in this resolution recording so you can try by yourself the result of 4 K with the application record. After that, you can now decide if compensates you for upgrade to the pay version of Cinema 4 K.

WP-Appbox: 4K cinema (free*, Google Play) →

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