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Get Always On function consumes less battery power on an AMOLED screen

Always On function has been popularized by terminals such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 or LG G5. This mode allows us to keep on our mobile screen, displaying at all times vital information like the time, the weather forecast, or some notifications. Although this technology is intended for these mobile specifically with a custom designed software, in recent months we can add this feature to any phone. Now we can enjoy them in a mobile phone with AMOLED screen thanks to an application that spends very little battery.

As every function of this type, its performance is not perfect, and therefore greater commitment to manufacturers when it comes to perfect its operation is this function to display the best possible information with less battery consumption. There are applications that offer us Always On mode on any other phone, but are not always well optimized. Today we echo of the application Always On AMOLED.

Always On AMOLED

Always On function of low consumption

Although this application we can install it on any phone, it is intended especially for mobile phones with AMOLEDscreen, since the performance of these allows Always On mode consumes much less power than one with LCD screen. The particular AMOLED technology allows each pixel emits its own light independently, so it benefits enormously the consumption of battery when shown the information on the screen.Always On AMOLED

Normally an Always On mode offers limited information, usually white, and in this case to keep the majority of pixels without light energy expenditure is minimal. For that reason it is not recommended for LCD screens; Since these need to be illuminated completely independently of it displayed at that time.

Always On AMOLED

Always On AMOLED to work correctly we must grant the permissions to the application. After giving them we can make various adjustments, as for example Always On function widget appears in display constantly moving randomly by the panel, something very important in this type of screens that stay in the same place on a permanent basis can finish burning those areas of the panel leaving “printed” the contours of the widget. As you can see is a very simple application, for the time being is in beta phase and displays limited information, but which ensures a very low battery expense.

WP-Appbox: Always On AMOLED – BETA (free*, Google Play) →

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