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Galaxy Tab S3: will confirm features and comes out to light a likely price for the tablet

Once more comes to light a new filtration on the Galaxy Tab S3, putting on the table the fact that Samsung star can convert in the product during the next MWC. We have months waiting for the announcement of this tablet and, finally, it seems that his arrival is very close and that it can play with the trump card of being one of the few devices of its high-end arising during 2017 with the Android format.

When Samsung began to trim much disadvantage with the iPad, the segment of them tablets suffered a slowdown in dry, in breach of the high expectations that is had generated after three years of growth almost exponential. This circumstance has made that the manufacturers do not prepare new products with joy and nonchalance with which did courses back, but think much every step. The Galaxy Tab S3 is coming after a long period of reflection.

Galaxy Tab S3: characteristics and price

More or less, them data that are have known today come to confirm that that discussed it last week, and that could be in them test of GFXBench. The processor will be a Snapdragon 820, giving a quality point to the product that it was absolutely necessary if they wanted to sell as a high-end. The screen will have the same resolution and size as The S2 Tab, while the RAM is 4 GB. The device will run with Android 7 Nougat.

Tab S2 8.0 actualizacion

On the other hand, there is new information about its initial price . But must have in features that this fluctuates enough and that normally, to the get to the market European, tends balance is a little. Sammobile speaks of $ 600. We miss much, however, that exceeds them 500 euros in its marketing in Spain.

A rival to the iPad Pro 2017?

In these moments, costs find rivalries as accused in the segment of the tablets as which had years ago. Because no one knows who is “fighting” against who or what. For example, when left the Samsung Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro Samsung, holders (including ours) were launched to point a confrontation. That circumstance is thought in a scenario in which competitors trying to capture public employment or academic profile.

He iPad Pro of 2017 and the Galaxy Tab S3, logically, van to dispute is a few users, but now there are more platforms, formats and manufacturers on the Board. The thing is exciting but, perhaps, by uncertain.

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