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Galaxy Tab A (2016) S Pen vs iPad Air 2: comparative

We are still waiting for a new duel between Apple and Samsung faced this time and the Galaxy Tab S3 the Air Pro 9.7 iPad, but at the moment we already have a new battle underway between them in the field of range/high, thanks to the New Galaxy Tab A and iPad Air 2 that can be purchased now at a reduced price. Which of the two is a better choice in quality/price ratio? We will try to find out with this comparison with the technical specifications of both.


Different claims for each of these tablets in the section of design, to begin with: in the case of the New Galaxy Tab A without a doubt its main attraction is the S Pen, although it is also worthwhile to note the peculiar combination of screen 16:10 and orientation to the use in mode portrait that makes, that actually serves to make it more comfortable to use in landscape position : in the case of the iPad Air 2, we must highlight both the metal casing and Touch ID.


Taking into account that its screen is slightly larger, not appreciated the new Galaxy Tab to make a larger device really, but it emphasizes above all which is more elongated (25.42 x 15.53 cm front 24 x 16.95 cm). Where if you get a clear victory the iPad Air 2 is in the thickness (8.2 mm to 6 mm) and, what is probably most important in weight (525 grams against 437 grams).

tab a s pen blanco


Although iPad Air 2 takes some advantage in (1920 x 1200 with 2048 x 1536) resolution and pixel density (224-PPI front 264 PPI), probably to which more attention should given when choosing is that unlike the size (10.1 inch front 9.7 inch) and, above all, to the different aspect ratio used (16:10 optimized for video playback, with 4:3, optimized for reading).


Air 2 iPad specs remain one step behind the New Galaxy Tab A in this section, both with regard to the processor (Exynos 7870 ‘s eight-core 1.6 GHz front an A8X of triple-core 1.5GHz) as a RAM (3 GB versus 2 GB) memory, but it is true that having always tailored software is a plus for devices Apple.

Storage capacity

Even though Apple has increased the internal memory of the basic model of the iPad Air 2, which now equals the of the new Galaxy Tab A, the advantage is still for the tablet from Samsung, which has a micro-SDcard slot, which gives us the possibility of expanding the storage space externally.

iPad Air 2


The main Chamber of the two tablets is 8MP, but the front of the new Galaxy Tab A is much better (5 MP face 1.2 MP). As always, in any case, we want to stress that it is advisable to be realistic with respect to the use that we will make our tablet camera before giving him too much importance to this factor when choosing.


There will be that wait to see what us say them tests independent on the autonomy of the tablet of Samsung, because by them data that have of time of she not there is nothing that us allow predict a winner: only know even it capacity of your battery (7300 mAh) that is be quite similar to it of the iPad Air 2 (7340 mAh). Consumption, however, is equally important, as you know.


If there is no important variation when it comes to our country seems the Samsung tablet to break with some advantage with regard to price, since in Asia has been announced for what to change would be around 400 euros, while the iPad Air 2 is sold from 430 euros.

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