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Galaxy A7 (2017) vs Galaxy A7 (2016): what has changed?

Year not just fate of start and we have a new phablet in which our focus: while we did not expect to be make official until the next CES in Las Vegas, Samsung has presented already the new Galaxy A7 (2017) and, of course, the first question that comes to us all is what has changed in this new model with respect to its predecessor which is what we are going to try to see in our comparative of today against the technical specifications of both. Deserves the penalty wait to the arrival to them stores of the model of this year or treat of take advantage of the opportunity to do is with the of the last to a price more low? Do you think you?


By what regard to the design, there are that say that them differences are more large of what one might wait, even if the similarity between both is evident, since them curves of the model of this year are quite more pronounced that in the of last. Also there is that noted that the new Galaxy A7 is resistant to the water, as the Gaaxy S7, although those two can boast of have of reader of footprints digital and materials premium.


If in addition to a more pronounced curves you think that new Galaxy A is larger, you’re right, because effectively the size of device has slightly increased (15.68 x 7.76 cm front 15.15 x 7, 41 cm) as did his (7.9 mm compared with 7.3 mm) thickness. With this in mind, we hope to happen the same with the weight, but for now cannot confirm it because Samsung still has not public this data.

galaxy a negro


The difference in size between the two, however, is inevitable because the screen of the modelod and this year is larger than that of the previous (5.7 inch front 5.5 inch), although resolution remains Full HD (1920 x 1200), which leaves us with a density of somewhat less pixels (387 PPI compared 401 PPI).


Where if we find with enhanced clear is in the performance section, as are the 3 GB of RAM, but the new model mounted a more powerful processor than Exynos 7580 of of the last year (eight cores and maximum front eight-core 1.9 GHz and 1.6 GHz maximum frequency). Of course, also benefits from starting with a more up-to-date operating system (Android Marshmallow).

Capacity of storage

Another advantage for us with the model of this year is that the possible difference in price can be that double is compensated, at least in part, by having more internal memory, since the new Galaxy A7 comes with 32 GB, than its predecessor. The two have, in any case, micro-SDcard slot.

Samsung A7


Also in the section on cameras there is an important evolution: not only now have a more powerful camera on the back (16 MP to 13 MP), but are going to be able to enjoy an identical on the front, which gives it a huge advantage compared to the model of last year in this section (16 MP facing 5 MP).


Taking into account that the screen is bigger, even if it has not increased the resolution, than normal would be that the consumption of the new Galaxy A7 would be more, but must say that your battery has also increased capacity (3600 mAh front 3300 mAh), by what can not rule out that, despite everything, comes out victorious in independent tests of autonomy. You will have to wait to check it out.


Unfortunately, and although know that this will be for many a factor key to the put in relationship the difference in specifications technical, not can tell nothing of time on the price and, being realistic, is possible that have that wait a little to have news of their launch in our country. We will be attentive, in any case, to give you more information when you have it.

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