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Galaxy 7 vs. Galaxy Note 5 Note: what has changed?

Although the phablet last year Samsung launched in Europe was the Galaxy S6 edge +, we decided to do a review of the news that leaves the new Galaxy Note 7 regarding its predecessors by looking at the Galaxy Note 5 , at the end, and it is ultimately more similar. However, if you are users of the model of curved screen and want to know if you compensated or do not pick up the new phablet of the Koreans, these reflections you know will you be equally useful, since one and other features were virtually the same.

Not there to choose between curved screen and Pen S

The fundamental distinction between the Galaxy S6 edge + and the Galaxy Note 5 know that it was in the section on design: the first one let us popular screen curve, more elegant perhaps, but probably not as useful, and the second one came with the traditional S Pen, with a more conventional design, but with a unique user experience. Fortunately, with the Galaxy Note 7 it there longer to settle for having one or the other, but that we will be able to enjoy both.

Fingerprint reader, but also retina scanner

While it had already speculated that el Note 5 Galaxy could come already with retina scanner, finally “only” available of the most common fingerprint reader. However, rumors that Samsung was working in this direction have been confirmed and the Galaxy Note 7 available already: this extra measure of protection is one of the advantages that you can enjoy if you prefer cultural activities for the new model.

Gorilla Glass 5 and IP68 certificate

It is not an advantage over the Galaxy S7 Edge, but yes on the Galaxy Note 5: the Galaxy Note 7 will come with water resistance certificate (and dust), allowing us to be a little more calm on the beach and in other situations with some risk. It is not the only point in which his strength has improved, since we can not leave notice that your screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 5 (the first that can boast of this).

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 evento

Processor 8890 Exynos

Also in the section on performance we will find with a significant evolution, if not in regards to the RAM memory (which is still 4GB), if in the processor, since the Galaxy Note 7 arrives with the Galaxy S7 Edge, which tapped Exynos 8890 Exynos 7420 of Galaxy Note 5 is eight-core , but its frequency is quite higher (2.1 GHz to 2.3 GHz).

Double the memory internal (minimum and maximum), and micro-SD slot

The improvements in internal memory it will notice regardless of that model are considering purchasing, since the basic moves from 32 to 64 GB and above, instead of taking the top 128 GB, are going to have it in 256 GB. Another point in favor of the Galaxy Note 7 is that it recovers the micro-SDslot, which will give the opportunity to increase our storage capacity also externally.

galaxy note 5 blanco

Camera with fewer megapixels but larger

Also there are news important in the paragraph of camera, since the new Galaxy Note 7 comes with all the improvements that already discovered in them Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, and that les have valid the first since in the prestigious ranking of DxO: the number of megapixel descends from them 16 MP to them 12 MP, but its size increases from 1.12 micrometers to 1.4 micrometers to capture more light, like what happens with the opening, what happens if f/1.9 f/1.7.

A larger battery

Always insist in that only can know well the autonomy of a device mobile when it tested, but is certain that them data of capacity of its battery us can give a good track, and this is another point in which the Galaxy Note 7 seems that goes to improve substantially concerning its predecessor, even while this yielded already quite well in this sense , is that its battery has much more capacity (3500 mAh to 3000 mAh), even while its thickness is virtually identical. Taking in has that your screen is of the same size, and although there is that be prudent, is quite promising.

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