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Fuze Case, the casing to add minijack to 7 iPhone

It is certainly one of the elements that more has spoken about the latest phones from Apple. And it is that the disappearance of the headphone port has caused the opposite effect, look for ways to add minijack to 7 iPhone and there who has already had the brilliant idea of creating a housing that resolves this problem, and also has built-in battery, the Fuze Case.

Now you have to see if it will be successful in the campaign of crowdfunding the Fuze cases wanting to capture all those who have the iPhone 7 among its “dark” objects of desire but to resist because no minijack port from Indiegogo. The Fuze Case made that we have to forget all that reviewed iPhone 7 so far, and above all, one of the points that we discussed in our article of opinion at its launch.

Add minijack to 7 with a cover iPhone why not is happened to Apple?

In concrete, there mentioned that the iPhone 7 and the decision of count only with the port Lightning for music and load makes that have that decide between a thing and another, load or connect ones headphones-whenever not throw of ones bluetooth… that also there is that load, by what us can see in the situation of not to listen music because all is loading-.


Coming down from the clouds of speculation and in accordance with those offered by the creators of the Fuze Cases, we have a product that is expected to deliver in December of this year and that starts at $49 (for upload then to 59 and 69 dollars according to the available units are running out). While you think you, we leave you with the video of presentation of the project that is the most original and hilarious that we have seen on Indiegogo.

Can also contribute to 89 dollars and bring you two shells, the objective of the campaign financing that has just begun today the reach 60,000 dollars – a figure which is still far away, but there is a month –

In addition, the cover provides an extra battery to iPhone 7 and 7 Plus iPhone, being the first 2,400 mAh and 3600 mAh for the second. Which means more than one load complete for each one of those teams.


Although it says that it has a slim design, including battery and circuitry, obligatorily, will increase the thickness of the team. In concrete add 5 mm to the thickness of the terminals of Apple and 28 grams its weight.

Colors white, black, gold, pink and blue – perhaps had prepared this according to rumors of the iPhone 7 navy blue, which in the end have not become reality – the housing is made of a mix impact-resistant rubber and plastic with aluminium frame which, moreover, has painted much better withstand shock-Apple equipment chassis.

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