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Future: Reality Virtual Made in China by the hand of Ulephone

Previously we have spoken of Ulephone as a company that focuses its efforts on providing balanced terminals protruding in autonomy. Technology like this, with less presence from the Asian giant more powerful rivals, trying to offer your services more balanced and at the same time, add to the latest trends in consumer electronics we’re seeing so far from 2016. Virtual reality continues to strengthen not only among the largest manufacturers in the world, but that there are also others seeking to join it with other more objective: not to lose positions in the career that will be in this area in the short term.

Today, we bring you the Future, the new jewel in the Crown of this company that is already present in our country. Through this device, which we will then tell you its features, Ulephone aims to demonstrate, as they already tried that there are actors of the sector which can leave behind a legacy based on poor quality terminals and unstable in terms of its performance. Are we facing a device that can transform the field of the phablets? we will assist to a new model that will not meet the expectations placed on it for users or their manufacturers?

ulephone pantalla


We began talking of the appearance of this device. To your metal, single-stage and built housing in titanium and aluminum, added a fingerprint reader that, unlike other models that already Harbor it on its front, or rear cover in this case, we find it in the side edges. Its creators claim that the time of response of this component is minimal, of so only 0.1 seconds. Is available in several colors: grey and gold. As it is usual, he has soft edges on frames.


The sharpness of the panel is one of the strong points of the new Ulephone. This is achieved through a diagonal of 5.5 inch that rushing to the maximum them edges side. The display is accompanied by a Full HDresolution. In the field of cameras, we have two sensors manufactured by Samsung. One rear that reaches them 16 Mpx and one front of 5. The latter has a beauty mode designed for selfies while the main, is reinforced with a glass protection which at the same time, eliminates glare and reflections. Another of the highlights of the cameras are autofocusrecognition time: just like the fingerprint reader, is only 0.1 seconds.

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MediaTek has gifted to Future of a processor helium P10, that with its 8 cores, reaches peaks close to them 2 Ghz. With regard to the memory, has with a RAM of 4 GB accompanied of a capacity of storage initial of 32 expandable to 128 by cards Micro SD. All these features allow an execution fast of games heavy and of content audiovisual in formats of high definition. As mentioned before, it reality virtual is another of the bazas of this device, that thanks to his gyroscope, allows the connection of the terminal to stands prepared for this technology and its compatibility.

System operating

Before you talk about Android pure as one of the most popular software on the market. Ulephone has echoed of the reception of this platform by users and for that purpose, has furnished to Future of Marshmallow in one of its most basic versions. In matter of connectivity, and as we are seeing in 2016 in many other phablets, is prepared for networks WiFi and Bluetooth of last generation to which is sum the 4 G. Also supports connections USB of type C.

ulephone conexion


While Ulephone has launched in the past with a large capacity battery terminals, in Future this standard is not met, since in this case, its size is approximately 3,000 mAh. At first glance, it may seem a low figure or something set. However, has of a technology of loads fast that in a hour offers an autonomy of the 100%. Mode standby, the duration is approximately 200 hours according to its designers. The incorporation of Doze in the operating system helps improve over this parameter.

Availability and price

A significant part of Asian firms, have made the leap to regions as Europe via sale portals on the Internet. Future can be purchased through these platforms and through own company since a few weeks ago at an approximate cost of € 180. Today, in the same portal of Ulephone they offer discounts for the acquisition of this terminal.

ulephone carcasa

After learning more about one of the flagships of Ulephone, do you think that you are really ready to be in a privileged position within the low-cost segment? Do you think that the strength of other companies, especially Chinese in this group, can limit your input and welcome the crowd? More information on other handsets launched by the Asian technological Power, characterized, according to its designers, to provide 4 days of autonomy, so you can say you yourselves while you know what else he can get from this brand as you have available.

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