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Functions of the Google Pixel exclusive that not have with Android 7.1 on your mobile

Them Google Pixel will arrive soon for brand new Android 7.1 Nougat, the first update of the last version of the OS of Google. However, some functions of them Google Pixel, despite being software, not will be available for the rest of mobile that is updated to this iteration.

Google wants to give much exclusivity to their Google Pixel and it true is that the list of functions exclusive of its new smartphones is quite long and will make that who have the luck of update to Android 7.1 Nougat is will be with them teeth very long.

Google Pixel XL modelos

Functions of the Google Pixel which will not have other mobiles with Android Nougat

Among them functions of them Google Pixel that are exclusive, and that is indicated in the list full of changes that has Android 7.1, is are:

  • He Pixel Launcher (although it true is that the APK is filtered and can prove it.) (That if is a beta but surely will end up becoming the version end, although not is of form official).
  • Google Assistant (again, not you can have it in the system, but if take advantage of it, in part, from Google Allo).
  • Space unlimited in Google photos to videos and snapshots without compression.
  • Storage smart. The Google Pixel when not have space, deleted automatically them copies local of the photos and videos that have support in Google photos.
  • Assistance technical free them 24 hours by phone and chat.
  • Pixel camera:
    • Stabilization electronic of the image 2.0 for those videos
    • Default white balance
    • Compensation of exposure
    • Set of AE / AF
    • Modes of grid for the Viewer
    • Acceleration by hardware (although this not is software, you must to the coprocessor Qualcomm Hexagon): HDR + process of image.
    • SmartBurst firing mode.
  • New sensors (again, the difference is a piece of hardware, the Sensor Hub with integrated connectivity, accelerometer and gyro sensors)
  • Navigation bar with icons of navigation with solid colors with Assistant access.
  • Issues with pointed to the UI elements colors
  • New look and design of the settings
  • Dynamic of the calendar icon

Features of Android 7.1 Nougat for all those mobile

All these elements are only available between the functions of the Google Pixel, it, like the rest of phones with Android 7.1 Nougat will also have the following list of new features that are added to that already had the latest version of Google’s operating system:

  • Night mode
  • Improvements for touch response
  • Movements within the fingerprint sensor
  • Updates to system in the background
  • Daydream VR mode
  • Different improvements for developers as access direct to the apps, support for icons round, access to the Manager manual of the storage, metadata improved for the funds of desktop, etc.
  • Manual Manager of storage that identifies apps and files that are taking up space.

The functions of the exclusive Pixel Google article you won’t with Android 7.1 on your mobile are published in MovilZona.

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