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FreedomPop offers a plan with 10 GB of data by 24.99 EUR

FreedomPop has arrived to Spain makes relatively little time with the intention of revolutionizing our market mobile. With markets such as English or American perfectly settled, the attendant low-cost want to export the key to its success in other markets to our country. In this occasion already offers 10 GB of data by 24.99 euros and the possibility to its customers of power accumulate all them months data free participating in various promotions with entities collaborating of all type, are going to see how works this novel system of get data free.

If by something is characterized FreedomPop is by it risky and original of your promotions and rates, some rates that now can see increased their data of form free with participating in different offers that the operator already offers to its customers.

New plan with 10 GB of data

As is logical, FreedomPop also has an offer traditional of products, among which stands out now the new Plan Platinum of 10 GB. This new plan of FreedomPop offers to the users calls unlimited, messages of text unlimited, WhatsApp unlimited and 10 GB of data from high speed each month by 24.99 euros. To finish the plan, during what remains of summer each new user will get 10 GB 100% free to the register is. FreedomPop also has announced that to end of this year may perform is portability, moment in which will begin to sell mobile Android with a price very tight.

Freedom Pop

Of this form FreedomPop goes increasing its offer of rates to customers and revealing their plans of expansion in our country, that have the objective of reaching them 100,000 users to end of this 2016 in Spain. He objective of the operator is that their customers can enjoy of rates completely free, although already know, in Exchange for participating in these promotions.

Accumulates data free each month in your rate FreedomPop

Not is is of stay you with them data that not have consumed the month previous as make some OMV, but Freedom Pop now offers to its customers win data free, participating in them offers that offer the companies with which has arrived to agreements of collaboration.

Freedom Pop

This means simply that we can earn extra megs to our bonus data downloading coupons, certain mobile applications, watching a video or complete a survey, these are just some of the promotions that we could get extra free data in our rate. The operation of this promotion reminds us to applications that give us lives or any content extra accessing play or download certain sponsored content.

  • What does not count its free voice and data rate FreedomPop

It is not gold all that glitters in the new operator, check out this article to find out what we do not have your free rate.

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