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Four Spanish 10-inch tablets to take into account

Although much of the products reach our markets are of Asian firms, with a few American exceptions and few very European, within the segment also have a strong national option. Spanish tablets They have shown good health, in fact, through 2016, when much of the market suffered a hiatus, our manufacturers continued promoting affordable and robust technology, much to the demands of the public order.

What call Spanish tablets in a global world?

In times of urgent globalization, no product is purely a concrete place. It is clear that the parts come from multiple parts of the globe and making typically takes place in China or India, but that is not something that only happens between the Spanish terminals. Up to the same Apple uses the factories of Foxconn (although Trump want to carry the mounting us), Samsung, LG or TSCMcomponents. Even so, firms such as SPC, bq, Wolder or Energy Sistem, are of Spanish origin and have their headquarters from which decisions are made in our country, just as Apple does in North America or Sony in Japan.

These four firms have currently on the market two 10 inch Android tablets and prices below 200 euros, which can be a very good product for user looking for reliability and solvency.

Bq Aquaris M10

We will start with a “clasicazo” between Spanish tablets. Is true that the satisfaction that reports bq to its users is very irregular and that in this case specific update a Marshmallow has been a problem both. However, Mediatek processor represents a virtue compared to the chips used by the other teams. Fewer cores, not a frequency so high clock, and even then, will always be preferable to balance and efficiency of a manufacturer’s warranties.

Aquaris-M10 blanco

The big decision if we have clear opt for bq is the variant of the product we are going to acquire. On the one hand, we have a model with Full HD screen that reaches to 220 euros. On the other hand, the HD is priced at € 180, but the image quality is much lower than. This (along with the initial 16 GB memory) is the spot where perhaps it shows deficiency with respect to other devices from the list.

SPC Heaven 10.1

Perhaps because we have been able to test it very thoroughly, leaving us sensations really pleasant, and the fact that currently has a price on Amazon for only 133 euros, us down with this model among all those who form this list of Spanish tablets.

SPC Heaven 10.1 analisis valoracion y opiniones tablet Android

We love finishes, and the enormous amount of space (64 GB) offering, without using cards micro SD (which we can also do if you want to). It is a team ready to enjoy Android Marshmallow on an clean and fast version of the system. The screen is perhaps the weak point of this equipment in certain applications. Even so, it is not behind the HD variant of the bq Aquaris M10, which is almost 50 euros more expensive.

Wolder miTab Pro +

A very good product for a price of 179 euros. In this case, we pay a little metallic finishes, which are of great quality. In any case, keeping below the limit of 200 carries a great merit by Wolder. And it is that this Spanish manufacturer has been highlighted by the implementation of devices where the design is pretty careful. We bear witness in the analysis of the Wolder MiTab New York, and more recently with the launch of the Colorsseries.

tablet mitab pro+ trasera

The MiTab Pro + enters our selection of best Spanish tablets, besides for its design, and its good relationship quality price, by a series of very solid benefitssuch as Full HD screen or its eight core processor, 32 GB internal memory or the 8,000 mAh battery.

Energy Pro 3 tablet

A new arrival to the market. It costs 159 euros by now, and although you perhaps have fairer specifications of this collection of Spanish tablets, no doubt us that is another product of guarantees.

Energy Tablet Pro 3 caracteristicas y precio

We have a HD screen, a processor 8-core 1.8 GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal, etc. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this team is its great power of sound, something that reminds us of the great care that Energy Sistem is usually put in the media of their devices. It is without a doubt the great unknown, but we hope very much this signature.

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