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Follow the route of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve from mobile

No doubt today is one of the most emotional days of the entire year, that in which who more and who less is reunited with friends and family at a dinner or later celebration that usually is synonymous with joy for all. And one of the strong points of the subsequent celebration of Christmas and Christmas Eve, not only for children, but also for the elderly, is already receive their Christmas gifts. And a great way to know where Santa Claus is handing out gifts in every moment is thanks to a traditional tool from Google. This details the worldwide tour of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve , and we follow it from the mobile.

As we say today is a day of reunion and celebration Christmas, and one of the most traditional ways of doing so is with a Christmas greeting, as for example which allows us to send Facebook.

What time will it happen by your city Papa Noel on Christmas Eve?

This is undoubtedly the main target of this tool that puts to our available Google, and that already know from years earlier. Mountain View have not missed an appointment and once again offer an entertaining and fun way know tour that will make Santa Claus on Christmas Eve distributing gifts to the small and not so small so designated like this overnight. So we have two alternatives, one of them is go directly into Google Play and search ‘continues to Papa Noel‘ in the Store to install it.


Another alternative is to enter in the Google search box and click on the link that appears under the search bar to enter the web of monitoring, this allows us to avoid having to install the application for travel. Once installed we can consult at any time where Santa Claus is, and where it is currently handing out gifts. Makes just a time that has begun to distribute these gifts, nothing less that in Russia, and in the application can consult thanks Google Maps besides the location, the distance to which is is of us.


But in addition to serving us to know where Santa Claus, this application allows us to access different games that have some fun playing during this Christmas Eve, and why not, also during Christmas day. Without doubt, and once again, a success by Google to promote the Christmas atmosphere, between children and older, because bites all the bug of when you will reach our city Santa Claus.

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