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Flowing, free as App of the week

We had a few weeks in which Apple would let us as App of the week in the App Store a game, something that is certainly very convenient to week about to start. On this occasion, however, changed a little third, though the application that gives us can be enjoyed equally in our moments of leisure: we present Flowing.

To rest and relax, but also to render more assistance

We said that Flowing is an application that we can enjoy when we have free time, but whose applications go much further, because like us can help turn off sleep (can be especially useful for those who have difficulties to do so or for children) or to meditate, to concentrate for work or study: how exactly?

flowing ios

Because as perhaps may have could imagine, simply through sounds surround and relaxing, with their own rhythms, that us transport to scenarios paradise and us help to move us, although only is mentally, of our concerns everyday.

Sounds of nature to make us travel to a forest

Its creator has several similar applications, each one with a specific setting, but the selected by Apple focuses on recreating the sounds of flowing water, riversand waterfalls, although we can add others of a forest (with birds, for example), or even the sound of the rain on the tent fabric , as if slept inside, all this with an audio of excellent quality. This video gives you if you want a sample of what we offer:

This peculiar band sound, although can seem simple, has been composed by a musician that normally works for films, and has also, with alarms and timers, if the want to use specifically for sleep and meditation (indeed, also includes some guides of meditation). And although is intended to be heard rather than look, also us leaves maintained illustrations.

Free for time limited

If you have never tried an application of this type and feel some curiosity, there is no better time than this to see if it can work for you and if, in fact, you can even interest you buy some of the other versions. Remember, that Yes, that only it can download free until the next Thursday.

WP-Appbox: Flowing ~ Meditation & Mindfulness (free, App Store) →

Us still attentive to inform you of it more interesting of it today of applications for iPad.

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