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First real picture of the LG G6 before Mobile World Congress

Increasingly lack for MWC in Barcelona, which means that she is increasingly less to begin to see leaks of smartphones that will be presented at this event. Today, the shift has had to LG, straining, almost to the full, a first image real LG G6, leaving us almost all the details about the new terminal of the firm.

The Mobile World Congress is the site perfect for presenting a mobile. Almost all companies, decide to presenting their phones of high ranges at this time. A company that won’t do it, will be Samsung, which we have already commented that finally if you will be at the event, but not its mobile high-end, the Galaxy S8. But if we can see LG presenting the renewal of the G5.

Same design on the first real picture of the LG G6

This LG G6, without a doubt, will be one of the best devices of the year, and certainly one of which they more prominence in this Mobile World Congress. Already we see makes some days, that finally, LG not bet by use the Snapdragon 835 in the G6, mainly due to Samsung. Not know what processor will take exactly, but all points that will be the Snapdragon 821, the same that mounted terminals as the Pixel and Pixel XL. This terminal will have some specifications of range high, but that, throughout the year, will see as the most of manufacturers you just surpassing in processor.

primera imagen real del LG G6

In the images, we can see how the LG G6 will have a design very similar to the one of the G5. In the part back, have a double Chamber in the same position with a reader’s traces. Being a prototype, the material of the back can change, since we had commented in other leaks that it would be crystal. In the part front, see that has a great front of screen with the logo of LG in the part of below, confirming that itself will have a large ratio of screen, compared with their mobile of years back.

primera imagen real del LG G6

You can also see as speaker will have it at the bottom, something to which we are accustomed and, again, is not the best choice to put it, since it can cover when we take the phone in a specific position. As I was already known, it will take a USB type C, already setting aside the MicroUSB. In this first image of the G6 LG, we don’t see much evolution over the past generation. The modules are left aside.

When reveal will all of the G6 LG?

Now we know a week ago the date of official presentation of the G6 LG, which will be on February 26, just before the Mobile World Congress. We hope that in the coming days will begin to filter out more and more details about this mobile, and we can see a picture of the LG G6 finished with the back of glass.

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