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First picture real of the new camera dual of the Huawei Matt 9

Is, perhaps the last great smartphone that us is by knowing in 2016, with permission of the Pixel and Pixel XL of Google. It is presented as the great phablet of the Chinese company and we finally received the first real image of the dual Chamber of Huawei Mate 9 in which we see how will be radically different from the P9.

The presentation of the terminal is scheduled on November 3, date in which Huawei has summoned us to the press for its next launch. However, as of custom, the impatience of the users moves to them “leakster” more known for reveal their details before time, as the camera dual of the Huawei Matt 9 that is us shows in their first images real.

Purported #Huawei #Mate9 prototype… (Thx nianfang!)

-Steve Hemmerstoffer (@stagueve) September 29, 2016

Radical change in Huawei Mate 9 dual camera

Can see in this filtration a prototype of the next phablet of the company Chinese in which is hidden almost all them details of the team, but not one of them more important, the camera dual of the Huawei Matt 9 that will be radically different to it of the Huawei P9 or it of the Honor 8.

Already is came commenting that the matte 9 was to place the two lenses of form vertical instead of horizontal, as them have their “brothers” of catalog. It is not the first time we see this provision and we still have the question of knowing if Leica, as in the case of Huawei P9, will have had something to do with the of this device.

What if is has commented already is that besides the camera dual of the Huawei Matt 9-that on the other hand not will be as the alleged image of press that saw makes time-will be with a sensor of 20 MP and a processor Kirin 960.

Else hides the image of Huawei Mate 9?

Not could miss to the party the sensor of fingerprint fingerprint, that again to be in the housing rear of the team. However, the cover that protects this prototype of Matt 9 hides many secrets, including some with those “suitable” destelllos that make us think that new phone from Huawei could count with many new features.

Us especially intrigued that the four corners, behind and ahead, are hidden what can there be? Other terminals as the unsuccessful Amazon Fire placed there paths cameras to achieve effects 3D in its interface is on the same way Huawei? Many questions are which raise these images and we still have a month until its presentation, so we have much time to follow elucubrando.

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