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First images of the Meizu M3 Max, the competitor of the Xiaomi Mi Max

Last week we announced that Meizu, the manufacturer of mobile Chinese that more terminals is launching this year, plans to introduce a new model that will enter fully compete with Xiaomi my Max, the large smartphone of the Chinese company. All those rumors indicate that this, by now known as Meizu M3 Max or Meizu Max would furnish a screen of 6 inches.

Of this way is strengthens a “war” between Xiaomi and Meizu by cornering the market of them mobile Chinese cn smartphones of all type, size and color. Could say was that in East both manufacturers starring their own rivalry to the more pure style “Apple and Samsung”. Thus if Xiaomi a few months ago threw to market its huge Xiaomi my Max, a phablet of 6,44 inches, would now be Meizu who pisaría him the heels with this Meizu M3 Max.

Is likely that know more details of this terminal the week that comes, coinciding with the celebration of the IFA in Berlin. Meanwhile, must comply us with them first images appeared in the network of the device that give good shows of the enormous size that presents the smartphone, turning is in a more than interesting option for them lovers of them mobile of large dimensions.

fitracion meizu m3 max

Of this pair of leaked photos can extract interesting information such as the presence of a single camera lens on the back, leaving aside the prevailing fashion in recent months. The same would be accompanied of a dual LED flash and the absence of the fingerprint reader which, we assume, will be integrated on the Meizu M3 Max start button in order to make the unlock much more comfortable process.

Also is rumored that the smartphone would incorporate a CPU of 8 cores in its inside (possibly of MediaTek) in addition to 4 GB of memory RAM and 32 GB of storage internal.

A rival for the Max my Xiaomi

Remember that the Xiaomi Mi Max and its combination of outstanding features technical in a phablet of imposing image, with a large screen and battery of high autonomy to price groundbreaking was an of them surprises of mid of year. In this way, although it does not reach the huge size of Xiaomi Max phablet, Meizu aims to “steal” much of the market which found on the giant presented months ago a terminal that is ideal for consuming multimedia content.

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