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Fire HD 8 vs my Pad 2: comparative

Tablets low-cost Chinese are undoubtedly one of the hardest rivals that have conventional tablets of basic range, and among them the most popular probably remains Xiaomi, with which we are going to address today to the latest model of the Amazon. Before the comparison can be said that despite being a tablet low cost, my 2 Pad still costing more than the Fire HD 8, but also their technical specifications are superior. Much more got paying the difference in price? We are going to see it.


Aside from our personal preferences and aesthetic differences, my Pad 2 has an important point in his favour in the section on design that is you get with metal, rather uncommon case in a tablet and above all of this price. The Fire have good finishes also, but in his case the plastic is the material predominantly.


Comparing their dimensions, what is striking is not so much the difference in size and proportions, since Amazon tablet is more elongated and more square Xiaomi (21.4 x 12.8 cm front 19.86 x 13,48 cm). It can be seen, however, that my Pad 2 is a little lighter (341 grams against 322 grams) and, above all, much finer (9.2 mm compared with 6.95 mm).

tablet fire de 8 pulgadas


The difference of proportions that just of mention is must especially to their screens relations of aspect different and this is something that there are that have in has (16:10, optimized for the reproduction of video, facing 4:3, optimized for it reading), although it rather than more goes to highlight for many is it difference of resolution, that is quite remarkable (1280 by 800 facing 2048 by 1536). In size, finally, are virtually tied (8 inch front 7.9 inch).


It my Pad 2 has a very important advantage also in the performance section, not so much with regard to the RAM memory (1.5 GB to 2 GB), as for what it does to the processor, since theirs is much higher (Mediatek’s quad-core and 1.3 GHz compared to 2.24 GHZquad-core Intel ). It must be borne in mind, moreover, that Xiaomi tablet can be achieved also with Windows as an operating system (which explains their choice in terms of processor).

Capacity of storage

In the section on storage capacity, however, the victory is for the tablet from Amazon, since they are matched with regard to internal memory that we offer (16 GB in both cases) but only with the Fire will have the possibility of extending it externally through micro-SD.

mi pad 2 android rosa


The advantage of the tablet of Xiaomi returns to be substantial in the camera section, both with regard to the main camera (2MP front 8 MP) as to the front (0.3 MP against to 5 MP) Although, as always, it is recommended to be realistic with the use we will make of them before giving them too much importance.


Xiaomi tablet also has a much higher capacity (4750 mAh compared 6190 mAh) battery, something remarkable if we think that it is a much finer tablet. In any case, we must think that it is normal that its consumption is also faster, with a more powerful processor and higher resolution, which makes that we can not take for granted that it will come out winning clearly autonomy.


Although it varies greatly from one dealer to another, get my Pad 2 going to cost normally over 150 euros, while the Fire HD 8 sells for 110 euros but, as we have seen, we are going to get with it also best in practically all benefits, so it not is as much a matter of which of the two offers us a better relationship quality/price , but of the importance that may have for us certain features and how much we can pay by them.

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