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Fire HD 8 vs Lenovo Tab3 8: comparative

Yesterday I left a first comparative in which put front them two tablets Fire of Amazon, and today you plays already to the new Fire HD 8 face is with them models of range basic of others manufacturers, starting by the Tab3 of 8 inch of Lenovo. What are strong or weak from each of these points? Which of the two it leaves us a better quality/price ratio? We will try to help you decide what reviewing the technical specifications of both.


With regard to the design we have two relatively classical tablets, aimed at use in position portrait, without quite stylized and physical buttons with rather small side frames for easy grip, although that could maybe point that the tablet of Amazon has a few more straight lines, while the Lenovo are softer. The important thing, in any case, in tablets of this kind, is that with the two we have a satisfactory finish.


Also there are differences too notable in what regard to them dimensions, starting because have a size almost identical (21.4 by 12.8 cm front 21 by 12.5 cm). Its thickness is also very similar, although seen Tab3 is somewhat finer (9.2 mm compared with 8.9 mm), and which also carries a small advantage in weight (341 grams against 329 grams). In any case, we have differences that may well go unnoticed in contact with tablets.

tablet fire de 8 pulgadas


As for the screen, here already that we have an absolute tie, with two screens of 8 inches and HD (1280 x 800) resolution, which is the maximum that we can expect from tablets of their price, which is, obviously, that they also have the same density of pixels (189 PPI). Nothing in this paragraph, therefore, that us can help to tilt the balance of one or another side.


In the paragraph of performance we found with that them two mounted processors of Mediatek of four nuclei with the same frequency (1.3 GHz), what us leaves with a situation quite balanced with regard to power. Tab3, however, takes advantage in terms of RAM memory, reaching the 2 GB, versus the 1.5 GB which is a Fire. There are that have in has, in all case, that the tablet of Amazon runs its own version of Android, what can assume some difference with regard to fluidity.

Storage capacity

Return to a situation of equal total in the paragraph of capacity of storage, since them two us offer 16 GB of capacity of storage, expandable of form external through card micro-SD, that is it usual right now, on the other hand, in the range Basic.

lenovo tab3 blanco


Unless we have very clear that we will use our tablet camera much, we always recommend to not pay too much attention to this point, but for those of you that are really important, must be put on record that the victory would be for the Tab3, both for what it does to the main camera (2MP front 5 MP) and frontal (0.3 MP 2 MPfront).


We don’t have detailed tests of autonomy that will allow us to also compare the consumption and definitive conclusions, but given the similar characteristics (especially with a screen of the same size and resolution), a priori is reasonable to give as a favorite to the Fire, whose battery has a capacity significantly greater (4750 mAh face 4200 mAh) without which none of their characteristics give us reason to believe that your consumption should be also significantly higher.


As have seen, us found with two tablets of features very similar, each a with their own points strong and weak, by what the difference of price, although small, can be significant: it Fire HD 8 is sold by 110 euros, while it Tab3 8 is sold by around 130 euros (the price varies here something more, depending on the Distributor).

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