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Fire HD 8 vs Iconia One: comparative

For basic range tablets, there is an inevitable reference with which we must confront the new HD 8 Fire, which is none other than the classic Iconia One, 8-inch version (and to be more specific, something significant taking into account the amount of updates yours that have seen over the years We refer here to the B1-850). Which one are we going to get to enjoy a better quality/price ratio? In this comparison we measure your technical specifications for which you can decide yourself.


In the design section, we have two very similar devices, which have evolved a lot over his predecessors and let us already quite stylized and aesthetically more interesting lines. Surprisingly, considering its price, with none of the two we will have too many extra materials premium, but both are solid and good finishes.


Not only are they quite similar in design, they also are very similar in terms of size (21.4 x 12.8 cm front 21.07 x 12,63 cm), thick (9.2 mm to 9.5 mm) and, above all, weight (341 grams to 340 grams). As you can imagine, with these figures not we should notice no difference between the two when we have them in our hands.

tablet fire de 8 pulgadas


Another section in which equality is maximum is the screen, since they not only have the same size (8 inches) and the same aspect ratio (16:10, optimized for video playback), but it also has the same resolution (HD, with 1280 x 800 pixels) and, therefore, the same density of pixels (189 PPI).


In the section on performance see the Amazon Tablet finally take the lead, but the advantage is relatively small and limited to the RAM (1.5 GB front of 1 GB), because for what regards the processor, in both cases we have a Mediatek quad-core and with a frequency of (even though it is true that the operating system can even enter certain differences in terms of fluidity (, since the Fire uses a version of Android itself).

Capacity of storage

In what refers to storage capacity, return to find us with an absolute tie, since the two are adapted to what now is the standard of the basic range Android tablets (although in some tablets low cost is lower): 16 GB of internal memory expandable externally through micro-SDcards.

Iconia 8 negro


Also is repeated them specifications techniques in the paragraph of cameras, with two cameras main of 2 MP and paths cameras front of 0.3 MP. Are figures quite modest in both cases, but is it usual in tablets in this range of prices and for a user half, should be more than sufficient, since it normal is that not the use too.


Without real autonomy test data you already know that we can say anything conclusively, because consumption is a factor fundamental and difficult calculable only from the technical specifications, but in principle, we should not find too big differences between the two here either, since their characteristics are similar and the same happens with the capacity of their respective batteries , where the tablet of Amazon carries something of advantage, but not too much: 4750 mAh for the Fire and 4600 mAh for the Iconia One.


As have could check the similarity in specifications technical is really large, by what, in addition to our preferences in design and system operating, the price could be a factor decisive at the time of choosing between both. In this sense, the key is going to be in to what price find it Iconia One, since varies between distributors, although often haunt them 120 euros. The Fire, on the other hand, is sold at Amazon for 110 euros, which makes that the price difference is minimal.

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