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Fintonic, control total (and real) with your mobile from your finances after the holidays

We are back from vacation, and who don’t have to deal with the “back to school” of children, already has on the horizon Christmas gifts or the possibility of preparing a getaway the next bridges looming. To have a full control of our finances, whatever the bank where we have our money now.

In this task, there is an app that makes it very simple, Fintonic (insurance that you sound from your TV spot by its catchy jingle). And it is that it is really useful and puts us in the Palm of your hand a full control panel to keep all what is happening in our finances.


Fintonic is really interesting if have an only has with a Bank, but when really shows its true potential is if associate several accounts different from entities also different. This makes that can take in the same app all the control of the movements of our accounts without have that be consulted their applications corresponding to each step.  In MovilZona us focus in them apps, as is logical, but all the information that carry in the mobile also is accessible from the web page, where perhaps, with something more than calm, can analyze even even better our accounts, cards and State financial.

Putting control the disorder of our household finances

The configuration of each has is so simple as introduce our credentials for each has in the first execution of the app (although subsequently can go adding others) and, to the same time, us will ask some that another data for create our profile of expenditure and so offer us a best service.

If someone is put nervous at the time of link Fintonic with your bank, can be quiet because is absolutely safe. He has an 256-bit encryption and, in addition, we are only allowing the display data, at any time can be operated from Fintonic.
pantallas fintonic

With all the system underway, the application us gives a first information in your screen main in which can see the balance that have accumulated in all the accounts associated, as of “petadas” have them cards and a series of graphics that already us van helping namely how us goes the month. The first indicates the revenue that we have had, the second costs and the third, the estimate of expenditure that we are going to do and how we will. If we are less than 100%, it means that this month we will be saving.

You can also view a full menu all movements of accounts and, what is best as there are apps for banks does not allow it (like Bankia), do simple searches for terms making it much easier to locate them without having that you remembering the day that could occur. This section is a curious thing, costs (also called “red numbers”) are blue while revenues are designated in Fuchsia. May seem a nonsense but visually is much more reassuring, since normally there are more expenses that income throughout the month. It is possible to also count on one screen and a glance with the control balance and status of all accounts and cards of all banks that we have.

News of the latest update: insurance and loans

Recently, Fintonic has been updated and also allows us to add the insurance that we have to be vigilant for possible maturities and receipts. Also has with a comparator of safe between 40 companies for search if we can find the same coverage to a best price.

pantallas fintonic

In addition, also us allows obtain loans fast if us makes missing. In some minutes and from it own update is possible get a credit for what us make missing that, course, also It control from Fintonic for be tanto of what us is by pay and of them fees that are going paying.

Find out immediately what’s wrong in your accounts and cards

Finally, another thing which makes it different from Fintonic and, above all, useful, are their notifications. You can configure dozens of alerts, well on the phone, by mail or by both means. It is possible to choose from, also, what information we want to be aware, by turning off others to not suffer a drip-feed of warnings.

pantallas fintonic

Fintonic is offers to alert us of them feared discovered, charges double, transfers received, commissions, entry of payroll and thus a long etcetera. Never again we will carry us a scare not to consult the account for several days. It is perhaps the most interesting and useful functionality offered by this app, especially for the more clueless with their finances.

These alerts do not disappear when you get to the email or after leaving the Centre of notifications, have a special section in the application which shows us that we have received. Among these, we can select some to remember them and act on them accordingly as soon as we can, and we can also save us the more important not to lose them.

In conclusion, Fintonic get what most of banking apps not: make easy, simple and intuitive to be aware of everything that happens in our banks and cards and, in addition, is one of the best tools to achieve that goal we ask so many times, but rarely get, save.

The Fintonic article, control total (and real) with your mobile phone of your finances after the holidays was published in MovilZona.

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