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Find the best beach bar from the mobile

We are three July, sure that many of you are now enjoying a well deserved holiday on the beach, while many us still Cook simmered in Spanish cities. For you lucky vacationers, we bring you an application that will allow you to find the best beach bar from the mobile. Our geography is full of great places to drink cool and enjoy the spectacular views offered by our coasts.

Like the song of the summer, the bar is something essential in our Iberian vacation, we can find several in each of the hundreds of beaches that enjoy our country, and if for some reason this year you release holiday destination, the application that we bring you today will come from Pearl to learn perfect places to spend an afternoon evening on the edge of the beach.

el mejor chiringuito de playa chiringuia

Hundreds of beach mobile bars

Mobile is one of our best friends during the holidays, and on the beach wasn’t going it to be less. Have hand dozens of bars around your place of holiday in the mobile not has price, and that is something that we can get with it application that you present, it Chiringuia.

el mejor chiringuito de playa chiringuia

As its name suggests, it is an application that allows us to know the best bars to several meters or kilometers of our vacation spot. When we started the Chiringuia the mobile will detect automatically our position with the GPS. Once detected the position this application shows all the bars available in this range, and we can easily see all of the borrowed satellite view from Google Maps.

el mejor chiringuito de playa chiringuia

Just press on the icon of each bar to the Chiringuia show us different information about each place. Starting from a photo gallery, offering the telephone number and the possibility to call directly, or access each of your channels of information, such as pages in Facebook, Instagram, or official accounts on Twitter.

el mejor chiringuito de playa chiringuia

Not only that, but within the summary of each bar, we can see in real time the post of his official account on Facebook, if that establishment has it. The only downside to this day is still has not turned the information concerning this summer, but a large percentage of the hundreds of bars that appear in the Chiringuia are operational. So already know, if you want to find the best beach bar of beach, not you miss it Chiringuia.

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