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Find out which component is that more spending on the electricity bill

Comes the winter and is the time in which more electricity will use, not just because we spend more time at home but because this weekend occurs to the time change, with more long nights. It is why upload the invoice of the light , and if we don’t want to spend a month, we are going to take a cable.

Ultimately, the problem of electricity bill or electricity bill of each House is know which machine is which consumes more, if we have a rate that is a few hours in which us cheaper kW, use it at that time.

factura de la luz

In addition, if we have the idea of changing something like the fridge or television, is also a good idea know if the new, as well as having 4K, going to make a hole in the budget of each month.

Find the device that is destroying your electricity bill

To do this, the truth is that our mobile will be the best tool we can find and, in particular, an app that we have for both iOS and Android. It’s ecoGator and you can download it from the links below.

WP-Appbox: ecoGator, compare appliances and save money with the tips (free, App Store) →

WP-Appbox: ecoGator (free, Google Play) →

This application started as “myEconavigator”, that disappeared in January of this year and now is called as you indicate. Among the functions offered by this application is of that can scan card energy efficiency data that should lead all of the products and the application itself we will calculate the cost of electricity and the annual energy consumption. Or what is the same, the part that will be in the Bill of light that device.

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This allows us, if we are preparing a change of unit, make a list of favorites for when we are going to see prices at stores. The app also allows us to compare the features of various products, for example, we have and which we are going to buy, and especially consumption and spending that makes one and one.

Armed with this application because only we move through the House and go looking for labels that want stores to see which is the more electricity consumed and products that should be used more carefully.

pantallas ecogator

On the other hand, ecoGator also gives listings with more efficient and recommended devices for saving in the electricity bill, and has a component of competition and social that gives the possibility to check are the ones who more electricity saves among our friends.

The article see which component is the more you spend in the electricity bill was published in MovilZona.

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