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Final Fantasy lands in our tablets with a new installment

On other occasions, we have discussed cases of sagas that have had great success and who were born in the cinema or other platforms that have made the leap to our tablets and smartphones. While still there are certain distance in the quality between them titles main for them platforms more large and them created specifically for them devices portable, the gap decreases and with this, is get loyalty even more to legions of followers.

Final Fantasy has been one of the most successful franchises of all time. This saga, which in Europe has fewer deliveries than in Japan, their place of origin, and that has also made the leap to the big screen with more or less success, still bringing new members to his family. This is the case of Brave Exvius, which you then have their salient features and, like the fight between good and evil that we find in the main games, also has its lights and shadows.


After mankind regained some elements called crystals, returned peace and prosperity became a widespread phenomenon. At first glance, everything seemed to go well until suddenly, chaos returns to break from the hand of those objects that banished him. Our paper will be put us in the skin of some warriors legendary and defeat to all the forces that threaten with destroy the world a time more.

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The return of the RPG

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius adds some new features according to its developers. In first place, the interaction will be key, since the exploration of the terrain and the collection of all type of items and objects that us will strengthen, will be key. On the other hand, we must speak with all kinds of characters who, in some cases, will help us complete the adventure. All this, within a RPG game in which the atmosphere both sound and visual, become one of the pillars.


This game does not have any cost, which has served to get half a million downloads in just a few days. However, and despite being well received by common users of the saga, also has been criticized for aspects such as integrated shopping , which can reach 100 euro approximately and unexpected closures and malfunctions that prevent to play certain levels and which may require removal and loss of headings in some cases.

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Do you think that the new Final Fantasy can repeat the success of its predecessors in the traditional both portable media? You have more information about other deliveries as Record Keeper so that you can say to yourselves.

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