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Filter them prices of the Meizu M5 Note and the characteristics of the Meizu X

Tomorrow next week will be very pointed moments for Meizu, since probably present their latest two bets of the year, each for a different range. On the one hand we will see the new Meizu X, a powerful range mean that he will fight in a segment that this 2016 it has cannibalized offering increasingly better performance at lower price. We have known characteristics of the Meizu X in Geeekbench. On the other hand have known them prices of the Meizu M5 Note, that will be an interesting mobile for the range of input with a large size.

Meizu X and the M5 Meizu will bind them also the next month the Meizu M5 Note, a larger version of the standard M5, which will be a terminal that could become one of the most economical range of the Chinese firm, and complement the Meizu M3 Note of.

Features of Meizu X

During his tenure with Geekbench, we have known the characteristics of Meizu X. In the test of performance have known data so important as the processor or the memory RAM. According to Geekbench the Meizu X features a processor helium P20 from MediaTek which operates at a speed of 1. 64GHz.

características del Meizu X

Along with this we find a 3 GB RAM memory and it has passed the test with Android 6.0 Marshmallow as operating system. The results have been of 851 points in the test of a nucleus, and 3896 test multi-core. Undoubtedly are the features of the Meizu X more important, and those that we allow know in the segment that will fight with their competitors.

Prices of the Meizu M5 Note

Shortly before his presentation, since is expected that are official the next 6 of December together with them M5 standard, have known them prices of them Meizu M5 Note, of their two variants, the standard and the Metal. Based on the information that we have known, who have had access to documents thus certifying it, these terminals would cost 136 euro for the standard version of the Meizu M5 Note and 149 euros for the Metal Edition of the Meizu M5 Note, both versions of 16 GB of internal storage.

presentación del Meizu M5 Note

Certainly two prices very tight for some terminals that will offer screens of 5.5 inch, a powerful processor of range average as the helium P10 and a great battery of 4000mAh. Depart of doubts both with the M5 Note as with the Meizu X during all this next week, from tomorrow Wednesday that would come the Meizu X, until the next week that could see the Meizu M5 Note.

The article filter the Meizu M5 Note prices and features of Meizu X was published in MovilZona.

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