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February is the month chosen to carry Android 7.0 to Honor 8

Gradually we are going to know the official update dates of the latest version of Google’s operating system for mobile devices. Since yesterday know the month in which the Samsung Galaxy A5 would be updated to Android Nougat, today we learned that February is the month chosen for Android 7.0 to Honor 8.

It seems that el Honor 8 will become the first Smartphone of Honor signature which will be officially updated to Android 7 nougat. The own company has been the charge of announce via mail electronic that the Android 7.0 came to the Honor 8 in February of 2107, or what is it same, in little more than 4-5 weeks. In this way the smartphone ahead Honor Magic, still is not for sale at show Nougat.

7.0 Android with 5.0 EMUI

Of course, the arrival of Android 7.0 to Honor 8 brings the fork of honour, EMUI 5.0, update that as we talked about on numerous occasions brings a host of new features including a completely renewed interface, a drawer of applications, notification tones improved, a better system of administration power and the ability to use different profiles in parallel incorporated.

honor 8 nougat

Since a few weeks ago, a small group of users who signed up to the Android 7.0 to Honor 8 beta already you can enjoy the news, with light problems of performance and performance, leading to the current flagship of Honor, with the permission of the recently presented Magic Honor Google software. From February all terminal owners can install the final version of the operating system and learn first hand about their new roles.

Some of own brand improvements that, in little more than one month, will come to Honor 8 thanks to EMUI 5.0 are the new touch gestures of phones with Android Nougat. A series of functions that will offer the user the possibility to take screen captures, video and run apps and make use of the tool of split screen thanks to a new catalogue of quick gestures.

As soon as it is released the official version of Android 7.0 to Honor 8 we’ll alert you promptly to be among the first to enjoy the new software from Google.

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