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Facua denounces AliExpress: can I buy there my tablet?

The Organization of consumers Facua has reported to the known shop online of origin Asian AliExpress by not respect some of them rights of them consumers that sets the normative Spanish, while such company has stores in our country. Exist, according to the Organization, different points that the main competitor of Amazon does not respect the rules of the game in the face of the consumer, as the warranty or the deadlines for withdrawal.

When we talk about buying a tablet, smartphone or any other product in one of the many stores that import goods to Spain, tend to rely to the same mantra that when we treat the subject of the root or the custom ROM: at your own risk. Buy items on these web sites may be we great savings, however, if there is a problem, we will be more vulnerable than usual.

What is based the complaint by Facua

In simple. To begin with, allegedly Facua, AliExpress does not meet deadlines that marks the Spanish legislation in terms of warranty and return of the products. In Spain, have two years of warranty for devices electronic and if these fail, the trade that us it has sold (or, in its defect, the manufacturer) have the obligation of respond. Such trade onlineonly grants us as a rule a year.

Also, there is a time of withdrawal established low which, can return any article in them 14 first days after its reception, without need of give any type of explanations and recovering the amount total of the purchase. However, AliExpress gives only 7 days for this course. All of this is not explained in Spanish on its web site, while our country is the third volume of sales after the United States and Russia.

Is it safe to buy a tablet on AliExpress?

This demand that Facua has presented before the Agency of consumption, security food and nutrition has made jump the alarms with regard to the safety of buy in AliExpress. The answer may not be very conclusive. Usually and according to my own experience, I would say that it is safe, but we must take into account the ratings of other users on the article and the distributor in which we are interested.

Even so, it logical is that if AliExpress announces that is going to implement in Spain meets with the regulation of the country to which all them others shops are subject. If that means that they must raise prices and sell less, bad luck.


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