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Facebook will allow play back videos vertical on iOS and Android

Vertical video is probably one of the most controversial formats on the internet, although you can enjoy perfectly from our mobile thanks to the ease with which we can rotate the screen, they are not welcome in other platforms where the viewing is usually horizontal. Something that occurs for example in the version mobile of Facebook, that cuts them videos vertical that can be seen of a form horizontal. Something that may have its days numbered.

Facebook is the greater network social of the world, but lately is having that adopt options “borrowed” of others networks that have increased its popularity in the last years, as is the case of Snapchat. The last one would be playing videos in portrait format.

The video vertical in Facebook will come soon

At least that is what is clear of the information of which us do eco, and that comes directly of statements of a member of it network social, where ensures that goes to get a update to iOS and Android that will allow play them videos of this form vertical completely in this version mobile, something that until now not was possible.

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According to this member of the Facebook team “know that people enjoy more immersive on Facebook, so experiences are beginning to show a greater portion of each vertical video in the mobile version News Feed”. No doubt it’s a declaration of intentions by Facebook regarding plans of updates you are using in the mobile version of Facebook.  Now those videos vertical that is cut in a relationship of appearance 1:1 is displayed in a look 2:3.

The advertising is behind this change

It seems that the advertisers are the ones behind this change, or rather, el desire to Facebook that the platform is more attractive for them to play their content. Advertising is an essential part of the business as it is logical, and for this reason the introduction of vertical play mainly reflects these interests.

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For advertisers, when the phone is used vertically it is better to show these videos to that format, because up to now with the cut that was made of them, there were many distractions around, that now with the support of the vertical video would disappear. In any case since the social network have already taken this decision and the arrival of one toupdate to iOS and Android that allows full vertical video playback is imminent.

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