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Facebook testing alternatives to the reproduction automatic of videos with sound

The AutoPlay of videos on the mobile version of Facebook is a very controversial subject, since the expenditure of data which we incur with a mobile data rate can be very high, but after the initial scares its use has been standardized between the users of the social network. However today we have known that they are testing a new alternative for video playback for this mobile version automatically with sound. Of this way the users of the app would have with a new option for play automatically them videos.

And it is not a rumor, but that the social network has confirmed to a medium that they are testing this new video playback option in the mobile application.

An alternative to the automatic playback of video with sound on Facebook

Is would be of a new variant of playback of video with regard to them already existing in the app mobile in Android and iOS. So far the video playback with sound in this application occurs in a silent mode that does not play the sound, or automatically, this new mode testing Facebook it would reproduce also sound on demand, with an icon to activate it. This modality would hear only the sound of those videos that interest us especially thanks to this new icon.


As they have claimed since Facebook “we are doing a small test in news feed where los users can choose to hear the sound on a video in particular.” For users who do not want to play the sound only have to turn it off directly in the video or in the application settings,”at the moment this test it being developed in Australia, and as with any test of this kind is to see that the function reaches finally the stable version.


In any case automatic playback of videos, would be one more attempt to Facebook to get your users to accept best-grade a facet that until now has not been welcomed by many users. This third via that test Facebook seeks that the playback of video not suppose any problem for them users in certain situations in which not is dish of liked the reproduction automatic of videos, and also with sound. We’ll see if Facebook finally implemented this new option in the mobile version of Facebook and get that users will appreciate it more than until now.

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