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Facebook Messenger Day, so is the clone of Snapchat Stories

Facebook continues its efforts to copy as much as possible to Snapchat, once the application to close the doors to a possible acquisition. Via Instagram and Facebook Messenger, Zuckerberg has been proposed go snatching land which is most used and now prepares the clone of Snapchat Stories in the form of Facebook Messenger Day.

At the moment it is a rumor, but Techcrunch says that the sources that have leaked the first images that you can see below confirm that Facebook Messenger Day wants to be Zuckerberg gun against the way it has Snapchat Stories sharing what has done a user throughout the day.

In theory, is is doing a small test of test in Poland with a group limited of users that already would have activated the function that allows launch this type of messages ephemeral and very similar to the Snapchat Stories with tools to draw in them images or put filters to them videos. Also will also offer suggestions on what should be shared the date or the place in which we are.

pantalla facebook messenger day

Identifying elements of this application would be the text that says “My Day” and the “Friend´s Days”, where you could see the videos that have hung and which will soon disappear from the application. Also is seen as show possibilities to indicate our State of mood.

pantalla facebook messenger day

The truth is that Facebook Messenger does not stop being an app that is typically used with the closest friends and that would not be bad to tell with this function to show the life live and ephemerally.

Facebook wants to make a clone of Snapchat Stories to retake the lead

Who knows if not could be the point of inflection that seeks Facebook and that both worries to Mark Zuckerberg since it people that is in it network social has left of share what is doing for fill the timeline of them friends of links, videos and, in the most of them sometimes, bullshit that little have that see with the objective initial of the tool- and of what takes more benefit since to less things shared personal, less information to sell advertising is collected.

You should follow this development to see if Facebook finally makes it an integrated function of your chat app or, on the contrary, just sleeping the sleep of the righteous in search of another opportunity to end his great enemy currently, Snapchat.

The Facebook Messenger Day article, so the clone of Snapchat Stories was published in MovilZona.

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