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Face Swap Live and their exchange of faces come to Android

Now full fashion thanks to Snapchat and other networks, the fun app to Exchange faces Face Swap Live finally comes to Android after taking several months available in iOS and is now available for download. Use the Face Swap original, change your face in photos and videos and reject imitations.
Since Snapchat used augmented reality to have a laugh and not technological but rather recreational purposes, the Face Swap or exchange of faces has been one of the most used and copied in the market functions. In fact we have the MSQRD which now owns Facebook, for example. But today we told you about one of the originals, the ‘pioneers’ in healthy humor apps change you face by the person, animal or photo of Celebritie that junto a ti.
Podemos cambiar la cara incluso en videos

Five alternatives to Face Swap from Snapchat to transform your face

Face Swap Live

Named, Face Swap Live, this application was born months ago as app for iOS and became the Act in one of their most popular, since + 10 million downloads in the App Store so certify it. But so far the Android users, the most widespread operating system in the mobile telephony sector, could not more than resorting to Face Swap of Snapchat or similar clones. That is already finished, and from several hours ago Face Swap Live is available in Google Play.

Taking as its authors “a little more than expected”, with this app you can focus on function change the face not only in static images, but also switches between faces in a video in real time, and as always personalize it with all kinds of accessories, features, other faces, additives, etc.

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Snapchat will eliminate several of its filters after admitting that he has copied them

At the time that allows us to share photos with friends, we can also use the photo mode to get a picture of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift or Robert Downey Jr. and see what would sit us their looks. And as we say, it is also possible to do so in a video through the mask mode, so the library of faces has no end to be able to import the image we want, both of our smartphone and the network. The problem? While Snapchat or the MSQRD of Facebook are available free, Face Swap Live we will have to pay on Android to iOS.

WP-Appbox: Face Swap Live (€1.09, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Face Swap Live – swap faces with friends in live video (€0.99, App Store) →

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