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F7 Pro: what it incorporates the more phablet of Doogee?

Chinese companies are revolutionizing consumer electronics industry. On the one hand, are appearing crowd of signatures of lesser size that aspire to occupy a place both in the field of them tablets as in the of them smartphones. By another, have got, in lines General, improve the quality of them products that launched with much frequency and that for many, also can be the cause of that currently, attend to certain symptoms of exhaustion that portend a saturation in the market. As we have mentioned on other occasions, characteristics, to balance sight, and more affordable than the competitors cost, both internal and external, are some of the factors that are contributing to that firms such as Doogee, are making the leap to other regions as Europe.

This technology, with headquarters in Shenzhen and that in their origins is focused exclusively in the segment low cost, has expanded its offer of terminals in the last months. Here we present F7 Pro, characterized as the largest device produced by this brand and that then you have its most outstanding features. A large screen it will hide able to reach the highest performance?

doogee f7 pro imagen


In this section, we are not with big news if we consider models of other Chinese companies. Housing magnesium that hides a few auctions metallized at its sides and a minimum thickness. Available in pink gold and silver, it has close to 9 mmthick. As added, has with a reader of fingerprints that reflects a time more the trend, consolidated in 2016, to incorporate this element and whose time of response, according to its creators is of 0.17 seconds.


One of the most striking aspects of the F7 is the size of your screen: 5.7 inches and accompanied by a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. The cameras deserve special mention since they have been manufactured by Sony and Samsung. In the case of the rear sensor, which runs on behalf of the Japanese firm, we have 21 Mpx and the ability to record in 4 K. It contains a system of dual flash and also system 6 element lens, which divides the image into 6 parts in order to eliminate all noise, filter impurities and provide a more natural light. The front-facing camera, manufactured by the South Korean technology, reaches the 8 megapixel and is designed for selfies thanks to its 36 filters and effects within the “mode beauty”.

f7 pro sensor


Speed and memory-related features make that F7 Pro can locate within terminals higher means. In first place, highlight the presence of helium P20, one of the last chips manufactured by MediaTek and that, with their 10 nuclei, can reach peaks of 2.3 Ghz and that, thanks to a GPU Mali that offers 900 Mhz, allows the execution of games very heavy. If have in has the aspects of image that I have mentioned before, is of assumed that a chip more low could have committed a correct execution. As for the memory, we find a 4 GB RAM and a storage capacity of 32.

Operating system

The instability of the software is one of ballasts that drag the terminals of a large number of Chinese companies. To try to stand out from its rivals, the de Doogee have endowed F7 Pro Android Marshmallow. The company ensures that thanks to own interface that complements the OS from Mountain View, increases not only this phablet customization capability, but also the safety of users. In terms of connectivity, is prepared to support networks 2 G, 3 G, 4 G, WiFi and Bluetooth of last generation.

doogee f7 pro interfaz


The operating system incorporates Doze of series with the aim of further improving this parameter. Battery, some 4,000 mAh capacity and superior to the media that we are accustomed to seeing.

Availability and price

Internet returns to the place where we can find this device. Besides being on sale in the companyitself, also it is possible to find it in some of the most used in the world purchase portals. This factor makes your cost to suffer significant variations. We take as a reference the figure shown in the signature page. About 240 euros change, however lowering up to 140 approximately in the case of the version whose RAM is 3 GB.

f7 pro phablet

Do you think that the latest Doogee can position itself as a device to take into account both the mid-range and the scope of the low-cost? Do you think that it is necessary to pass time in the market to make what is their actual reception in a market in which technological Asian don’t stop launching new products? Have available more information related on others phablets Made in China as Ulephone Future so can say you same to while know other options to your scope.

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