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Tab technical of the Gionee F103, a phone that is attractive for several paragraphs and that has of system operating Android, namely Lollipop (5.0). Finished in plastic, the terminal offers interesting options such as for example being Dual SIM type and compatible with LTE networks.

The device includes a quad-core processor, specifically the MT6735 of MediaTek, which is compatible with Cortex-A53 architecture and works at a 1.3 GHz maximum frequency. In its interior, as is sees in the tab technical of the Gionee F103, there is a GPU Mali-T720 than correct with them games in three dimensions. The RAM that is the starting is 2 GB, enough to move the operating system. By the way, potential problems of temperature are not detected in its operation.

The smartphone includes a battery of 2,400 mAh, which isn’t bad for your hardware and has the virtue of being interchangeable thanks to the plastic finish. In relation to the storage, as shown in the datasheet of the F103 Gionee, internal space is 16GB, but it is possible to extend it through the use of cards microSD up to 32 “gigas”. Good solutions offering the terminal.

More than the tab technical of the Gionee F103

The screen that has the smartphone is a panel type IPS with protection Dragontrail of some dimensions of 5 inch, by what not is handled badly with a hand. The resolution of the component is of 720 p, by what not exceeds them 300 ppp of density of pixels, but not is looks especially bad. This model, HOWTOs and sees the datasheet of the F103 Gionee, has built-in FM radio Bluetooth, so no wireless options missing.

Finally is to comment that the phone’s rear camera is 8 Megapixels, with an opening of 2 F:2. and it allows to record a maximum of 720 p quality. The front and for the selfies remains, as shown in the datasheet of the F103 Gionee, in the 5 Mpx. A correct and reliable model with appealing options, like for example your RAM, and that it is not at odds on the Android universe.

The F103 article was published in MovilZona.

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