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Evolution: Survive and fight in a world in ruins

The science fiction is a space in which we can find us with multitude of thematic. From those works based on film franchises like Star Wars, to which we must survive a zombie apocalypse. The offer of such securities in the catalogues of applications to increase, and if we add other elements to some attractive themes, like aspects of the role and strategy, we can have as a result games that aspire to the top.

Near future and dystopian are having a good acceptance, both in novels and movies and games for tablets and smartphones. This is the case of Evolution: Battle for Utopia, which you then have more details and that has been awarded repeatedly both for users and developers around the world.


After a war that ended with humanity, the world is in chaos. On the one hand, environmental conditions are extreme and we are in a territory in which survival is impossible. On the other hand, the conflict has left everything in ruins. Our mission will be fight to our enemies, but also, trying to rebuild a civilization that is capable of return to the planet to its State original.

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To a few good visual effects and sound capable of creating a gloomy atmosphere of the major milestones of science fiction, we must add the combination of various genres in Evolution. In first place, elements of action that can see in the battles, in second place, the adventure, translated in the possibility of exploring new territories. Finally, aspects of the role and the strategy that is reflected in the construction of cities, the collection of resources and the obtaining of skills.


Evolution: Battle for Utopia has no cost. His argument, coupled with its gameplay, have served you to achieve various awards as the best game in 2014 or the most popular among the editors in 2015. With more than 5 million users, it has also been criticized by aspects as an integrated shopping that can reach the 74 euros per item, or also, performance problems, unexpected closures and incompatibility with some versions of Android.

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After learning more about Evolution, do you think that there are other titles in the genre capable of delivering better gaming experiences? Do you think that the fact that lead time on Google Play has not been translated effectively into a large number of users? You have available more information on similar works such as Breakneck so you can say to yourselves.

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